Electrician SEO

electrician checking circuit breaker
Posted by Mike Munter on February 23, 2015 / Posted in Blog

If you’re an electrician trying to get found in Google in order to generate more leads, you may want to consider investing in a search engine optimization campaign tailored to your business. Electrician SEO refers to such a targeted internet marketing plan. As of February 2015, there are at least 6,600 searches per month in the United States for the … More

Plumber SEO

Posted by Mike Munter on February 22, 2015 / Posted in Blog

Plumber SEO is an online marketing strategy tailored to plumbers and plumbing companies to help them rank better in Google and get more website traffic. Done effectively, a plumbing SEO campaign will help you: Generate more leads and phone calls Help you get found more often in Google Increase traffic to your website At their October 2014 convention, the Plumbing, Heating, … More

Law Firm SEO & Online Marketing

Posted by Mike Munter on February 21, 2015 / Posted in Blog

Law firm SEO applies to a wide range of legal marketing services aimed at helping both lawyers and law firms attract new clients via the internet. Search engine optimization strategy can be tailored to focus on specific practice areas such as employment law, family law, intellectual property, corporate law, real estate law and many others. No matter what type of law … More

Find Out Volume For Your Keywords

Posted by Mike Munter on February 21, 2015 / Posted in Blog

If you want to find out how many people are searching for your main keywords in your city, you can find out by using Google’s free Keyword Planner tool. Here’s a step-by-step method to show you how to find volume for any keyword in any market. Find Keyword Volume: Step-By-Step 1) Go to and sign in using your adwords account. If … More

Locksmith SEO & Marketing Strategy

Posted by Mike Munter on February 20, 2015 / Posted in Blog

I received a call today from a locksmith in Stockton, California with a common problem: “I’m not ranking in Google.” Being a locksmith, the #1 keyword he wants to get found for is “locksmith stockton ca.” According to Google’s keyword planner, this term gets 390 searches per month (broad match) and the suggested bid is $6.31, if he wanted to run … More