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What Is

Just the name of the domain itself sounds intimidating, The word is pretty short and simple, but can do a lot of harm to your reputation.

The internet today has given many people a platform to voice their opinions and for even more people to read these opinions. The worst part is that it is not even a matter of positive criticism anymore and some of the comments made can be very damaging to your business.

Sometimes competitors take to such platforms to tear down rivals while others are extortionists who will launch a full attack on your reputation online just so you can pay them to back down.

If you have experienced such problems, our removal service is the best option for you. Being called a scammer can cause a lot of heartache besides what it can do to your revenue sources.

How Does Work? is a message board system where users register free and post their opinions and reviews about companies, services and products that they believe are scams.

The users of this platform are encouraged to debate and discuss what they think about the said products or companies.

Anyone can register and post and the site does not appear to regulated, which means anyone – including your competitors – can write whatever they want about you or your business.

How Can A Reputation Management Service Help? does not take any responsibility for the kinds of reviews posted by the members of the site. Not all of the companies discussed on are scammers.

Unfortunately, there is no formal process to remove or change a review on the platform because of First Amendment protections that shield the website owners from liability due to the defamatory posts made.

The great thing is anyone can comment or reply to complaints on the platform. The only challenge is once you have been named as a scammer, it becomes quite difficult to approach the matter with a level head. This is why it is advisable to leave it to us to handle for you.

Don’t Comment! It may be satisfying at that time to tell someone that they are wrong about your business or products but you may end up doing more harm than good if you come off too harsh. Commenting on a negative post about you or your company only makes the post stronger because:

  1. It makes it longer and longer content usually ranks better
  2. It signals to Google that the post is relevant because now a more recent date is added

Reputation management professionals like our small firm are experts at dealing with such situations.

We know the right language and approach to get the poster of the negative review to take it down. This usually means we have to resort to our legal team who will take action to see that the post is either (a) removed from the site altogether or (b) de-indexed in Google, which means it no longer appears in their search results.


When you work with us, there is no risk. We handle your case with swiftness and precision and if we are unsuccessful, you do not pay. Contact me for a quote.

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