Theme Websites vs. Custom-Coded Websites

theme sites just say no
Posted by Mike Munter on November 4, 2014 / Posted in Blog

Most of the web design work we do is in WordPress and a common question that comes up from clients who are shopping for a new or re-designed site is, “What is the difference between a theme-based website and a custom-coded website?” Of course, this question is usually based around the cost of a theme-based site compared to the cost … More

Ranking Better In Google: Where To Start

Posted by Mike Munter on November 1, 2014 / Posted in Blog

Ranking your business in Google can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out. Often, the place I’ll start with a new client is to simply Google the keyword phrase they’d like to get found for and see what opportunities there are. Let’s use an example to show you what I mean. Practical Ways To Get Found In Google I … More

Internet Marketing Tips For Your Business

Posted by Mike Munter on October 29, 2014 / Posted in Blog

A good starting point for marketing your business online is getting found in Google for a search phrase that contains two things: What you are Where you are For example, if you were a chiropractor with an office in Portland, Oregon, you’d be doing pretty well if you were found for people searching “chiropractor Portland” or “chiropractor Portland Oregon.” That’s … More

2 Fantastic Ways To Get More Online Reviews

Posted by Mike Munter on October 13, 2014 / Posted in Blog

Getting more reviews of your business online is not rocket science, but it is a mindset. Think of accumulating more reviews as setting a new culture in your workplace: You need to get your whole team on board. Train your staff to be pro-active about asking for reviews or put someone in charge and give them a quota to hit … More

Definitive List of Free Online Press Release Sites (That Offer DoFollow Links)

Posted by Mike Munter on August 20, 2014 / Posted in Blog

All of the information on this chart is current as of June 2013.  Skip to the list. Each of the sites listed below promotes itself as being a free site, so you won’t see sites like PRWeb that only accept paid submissions of your news.  Many of the sites that appear on the list also have paid options to include … More