Why Directory Listings Are So Great For Your Small Business

Posted by Mike Munter on November 10, 2011 / Posted in Blog

Directory listings are mentions of your business in online business directories. Some well known general online business directories are, Yellow,, and Yelp.  Each of the major search engines have their own local directories such as Google Places, Yahoo local, and Bing. There are many others. More Directory Listings Within your business niche, you will find many … More

SEO Tips: A Winning Small Business SEO Strategy

Posted by Mike Munter on October 19, 2011 / Posted in Blog

Here is a simple strategy with SEO tips and advice I use to help improve organic traffic for my small business SEO clients.  My P90x Fitness Client Nick Husin and I are using these SEO tips and strategy on his website and it is working well. The graph above shows the Google organic traffic increase from April through October.  (The … More

Free SEO Tools

Posted by Mike Munter on September 28, 2011 / Posted in Blog

Here are a few free SEO tools that I’ve used to gather data, while I build my business up to afford the paid versions 🙂 Traffic Travis: – I use the “SEO analysis” button on this program to enter a keyword and get a quick overview of the top 20 ranked competitors. The software reports Google Page Rank, Domain … More

Hiring Outsourcers: Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted by Mike Munter on September 26, 2011 / Posted in Blog

I hire outsourcers using to help me deliver more value to my SEO clients.  In my personal experience, hiring and working with outsourcers is very similar to hiring and managing employees here in the United States.  The big advantage of outsourcing, of course, is cost savings:  I can get an acceptable 150 word article written for around .50, compared … More

SEO Case Study: Not All SEO News is Rosy

Posted by Mike Munter on September 19, 2011 / Posted in Blog

One of my clients is Art Prints America.  We’ve been working together since August 1, 2011, focusing our efforts on link-building for 3-4 main keywords to his home page Almost immediately, we got his site in the top 10 for 2 of the keywords.  We began to see some traffic from these keywords.  On the surface, it appeared everything … More