What’s More Important? A Blog or SEO?

If you have read my blog posts, you know that I only report on things I know for sure.  There is a lot of guess work in SEO and none of us knows for sure what works unless we actually do it and see what happens.  Today I had a long conversation with Terry Reeves, a fellow SEO specialist with a lot more experience than me.  So, I posed the question to Terry:  What’s better for SEO rankings – having a good blog and updating it, or doing a lot of article writing to generate back links?

The answer?  Both.

So, I am getting back to my web site after being away building links for a while.  Now, let me tell you why I personally think a blog is important.

By writing blog posts that are relevant to my business, I feel I stand a good chance of picking up random traffic from people who are searching for answers and information.  If someone out there running a small business has a similar question about whether putting effort into a blog or putting effort into SEO, it is possible that they might stumble across this blog post, depending on what search terms they enter into Google, Yahoo! or Bing.  I feel like a good blog should provide answers.  It should provide information and it should answer questions that begin with ‘How to…’

I will no so doing SEO work to my site because there is no question I can get traffic from search terms like ‘small business seo’, but my blog has a lot of value, too.  Whereas it is easy to see what the most popular terms are in Google’s keyword tool, it is virtually impossible to optimize a site for every possible question someone might ask about your business.  This is why I maintain a blog – in hopes that someone will find what I write helpful.  Maybe it will lead to business, maybe it will lead to someone deciding to follow my blog.  At a minimum, it will let googlebot know that this site provides fresh content from time to time, and from what I hear, Google loves fresh content.

So, if you are a fellow SEO specialist or a small business owner and you are wondering what’s more important, I’d suggest to you that both are important.  Use your blog as a way to share information about your business.  Write as if you were talking to a good friend and explain the answer to a common question you get.

And continue doing SEO work to help things along.  Build your back links or hire someone to do it for you.  Blogging and SEO together are a strong combination to increase overall traffic for your site.  Over time, you will notice that things begin to snowball and your site will be garnering a lot of traffic, generating a lot of questions from potential clients, and more sales.

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