How long does SEO take? (Part 2)

This is a simplified version of my other post on the subject of “How long does Seo take to work?“, based on what I am seeing in real life experiences with the sites I am managing.

How long does SEO take?

How Long Does SEO TakeFor my site and others I have worked on, when we begin building back links to a web page, we generally see that page ranked somewhere in the top 100 of Google within a week or two.  Then it takes another 2 – 4 weeks to get into the top 10.  At this point, we are on the first page of Google, and this is where things can appear to slow down a bit.

Here’s why:

For the keyword phrases I have worked on, there are generally anywhere from 1 to 10 other web pages competing for that same keyword using SEO strategy.   I can easily see this by using SEO Spyglass to get a good look at their backlinks.  To keep things simple, let’s take a look at what a behind the scenes back link ranking system might look like to Google:



For a given keyword, say “small business seo” in my case:

#1 ranked website has 500 back links

#2 ranked website has 400 back links

#3 ranked website has 350 back links

#4 ranked website has 300 back links

#5 ranked website has 200 back links

#6 ranked website has 30 back links

#7 ranked website has 20 back links

#8 ranked website has 10 back links

#9 OUR WEBSITE has 8 back links

Using the above example, you can see how we could expect to continue to rise up on the first page fairly quickly until we hit #6.  Then we would have a lot of work to do to get to #5, then #4 and so on.  Of course, the thing we do not know is if the other sites are also continuing to build back links.  If they are, then it really just becomes a race to see who can put up the best and most quality backlinks.  If the sites above us are actively building back links, it will just take us longer to move up, if we keep at it.  Invariably, just like in business, the leaders may put it into cruise control and stop link building and that is when we take them over.

So how long does SEO take, anyway?

As you can see from the example above, it is very hard to say.  If the businesses in the top positions remain stagnant, there can be some predictability, but if they are active it can be much harder to predict how long seo will take.

If you would like me to give you an idea how long it will take for your website to get ranked, give me a call.  I am happy to consult with you before beginning any work.

Post Title:  How Long Does SEO Take (Part 2)

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