iDNS Domain Expiration Letter Scam – DO NOT SIGN UP!

iDNS letter outside envelope
Posted by Mike Munter on January 17, 2019 / Posted in Blog

If you received a domain name expiration notice from Internet Domain Name Services (iDNS), DO NOT SIGN UP with them! It is a scam to get you to pay far more money than you need to for your domain name. This is strictly a marketing letter to entice (scare) you into overpaying. In fact, if you’ve received this letter, it’s … More

How To Change “Search From” Location in Google, Bing

Posted by Mike Munter on November 26, 2018 / Posted in Blog

Here’s how to change your “search from” location in Google. As Google and Bing are begin to showing more localized Autocomplete/Related Searches suggestions and search results in different cities, it’s crucial that you can see what things look like in different parts of the country/world. Here’s how I do it (props to my friends at Status Labs for showing me … More

DJ SEO and Google Local Online Marketing

DJ portland oregon RHFactor logo
Posted by Mike Munter on June 27, 2018 / Posted in Blog

My friend Rick is a Portland DJ. He loves music and having fun and enjoys sharing that joy with people during special moments such as weddings, reunions, and bar/bat mitzvahs. He’d like to generate more inbound leads from Google organic search, so I told him I’d take a look. If you’re a DJ wanting to get more leads from Google … More

Google “Searches Related To” Repair – Remove Negatives

example of negative related searches in google
Posted by Mike Munter on January 31, 2018 / Posted in Blog

I help businesses and individuals remove unwanted suggestions from Google Related Searches. These are the 8 search suggestions placed at the bottom of search results under the heading “Searches related to [your keyword].” Table of Contents Why We’re The Best Choice To Fix Google Related SearchesWhat Are Google “Searches Related To”?What To Expect From A CampaignGuarantee Success RatesWill Maintenance Be … More

Google Autocomplete Repair – Remove Negative Suggestions

google autocomplete before and after online reputation management
Posted by Mike Munter on January 30, 2018 / Posted in Blog

I’ve been helping clients fix Google Autocomplete problems since 2012. I’m confident in saying I’m one of the most knowledgeable experts in the world when it comes to removing unwanted suggestions and predictions that appear after your personal or company name in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Table of Contents Why Hire Me To Fix Google Autocomplete? IntroductionWhat is Google Autocomplete?What … More