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We can delete Complaints Boards posts. Fake, false, and/or anonymous posts about you or your business that appear on can be a real nuisance when people find them in Google search results. Contact us for a quote, we can get them deleted.

What Is Complaints Board?

Complaints Board claims to be “the most trusted and popular consumer complaints website,” but in our opinion, it is far from it. Browsing through the home page of the site, it’s clear that this site has no review process in place: Anyone can post anything about anybody without repercussion.

And judging by the quality of writing we see on, a large portion of the complaints are from non-native English speakers. This indicates that there is no one reviewing the complaints submitted and that a large majority of them are posted anonymously to slander other businesses.

Clearly the site exists as a slum where people can complain about anything. In turn, the site gets a lot of traffic and sells advertising, although we wouldn’t say the advertisers are who we’d call “reputable.”

Removing A Post On

You can probably tell by now that we’re not big fans of, but unfortunately, when something is posted about you or your business, it can appear in Google search results. Thus, it can harm your business or your online reputation.

To take back control of your reputation, you have two choices – you can either suppress the negative post or you can apply to have it removed.

In order to get it removed, you will need to contact us with the exact URL of the post about you. We will take this URL to our legal team and if we feel confident we can get it removed, we will take your case and give you a quote.

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