Get On Google Plus Now!

Posted by Mike Munter on March 22, 2012 / Posted in Blog

In my work as an SEO, I am always looking for new ways to help my clients rank better in search results.  Recently, I wrote about what a challenge it is becoming to offer affordable SEO services to help small businesses achieve higher rankings/more traffic/more sales. That’s because Google seems to be de-valuing the automated link building methods we SEO’s … More

Does Affordable SEO For Small Businesses Even Exist Anymore?

Posted by Mike Munter on March 21, 2012 / Posted in Blog

With this week’s shutting of doors by Build My Rank, many SEO’s have begun to seriously question the ability of small businesses being able to compete in the SEO field any more. Build My Rank was a powerful privately held network consisting of hundreds of high Page Rank blogs.  As a subscriber to BMR, all you had to do was … More

3 Reasons Why To Start SEO Link Building Now!

Posted by Mike Munter on February 8, 2012 / Posted in Blog

My SEO mentor calls it “Paralysis By Analysis”. Others call it “Fear of making the wrong choice”. I just call it, “Let’s get going!” Each of these phrases refers to the process of spending way too much time on keyword research.  You really can analyze keyword variations until you’re blue in the face. My advice:  Do your research, use your … More

A Step By Step Guide To Easy Keyword Research

Posted by Mike Munter on January 26, 2012 / Posted in Blog

If you are looking for an easy, simple way to do keyword research, this post will take you through a step-by-step method of doing it quickly and for free. 1.  Login to your Gmail account and open up Google’s keyword tool.  In the search box at the top, “Find Keywords”, type in all of the different phrases you think someone … More

How To Get More Website Traffic From Google With Niche Content

Posted by Mike Munter on January 22, 2012 / Posted in Blog

For small business owners trying to get the most out of their website, increasing the amount of traffic from qualified visitors is an ongoing challenge. In this article, we will take a look at how to get more traffic from people searching in Google for the products and services your business sells. First, let’s recap Google’s objective as a major … More