3 Tips for Increasing Your Google+ Following

Guest post by David Butler

Increase Google Plus FollowersThe main essence of using any social media platform is to increase your followers, and using Google+ is no exception. Google+ is specifically built and designed for followers and your ability to leverage this functionality will go a long way in not only putting your business in the limelight, but in also increasing your net sales by meeting the needs of your customers. Do not forget that potential customers are looking for ways to network with product merchants like yourself, and Google+ is one of the essential networking tools you can use to reach your target audience. What then, are the primary means for increasing your Google+ following? Here, we shall briefly examine some primary methods: 3 tips for increasing your Google+ following.

Add Google+ to your Website

Add a Google+ widget to your website and blogs: Adding a Google+ widget to your website or blogs helps to convert targeted traffic to followers. This is especially helpful if your website or blog already enjoys a high amount of daily or monthly traffic. Visitors and customers alike will readily see the Google+ widget on your site and click to become a follower of your Google+ page; this will be particularly achievable if you mention the need for visitors to get more personalized content or updates via Google+.

Refer Your Friends

Refer your social network friends and associates to Google+: There are tens of social media sites and platforms out there, and you could easily refer all friends you’ve made on these social media platforms to join you on Google+. For instance, an average user has over 100 friends on Facebook and many others have over 1,000 friends on Facebook alone; not to even consider hundreds of others on LinkedIn, Twitter, Orkut and several others; you could easily convert all these friends by inviting them to join you for better business networking and associations on Google+. If half of your friends on these social media sites join you on Google+, imagine the following you are going to achieve on Google+. This would also definitely translate to business publicity and product sales for you.

Share Your Content

Share interesting comments and content to your network: This cannot be over-emphasized enough. When you share valuable and customized content with your Circles and the general public, it will trigger a follow-back from those you follow. Give useful content to your network and they will be encouraged to invite others within their own networks to check you out and possibly follow you. Making good and helpful comments on posts or updates made by others encourages them to follow you, and before you know it, your Google+ will be running into the thousands.

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David Butler works for one of Australia’s leading marketing agencies, and specializes in Social Media Marketing. He provides some of the highest quality services in web marketing Sydney clients have access to.

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