IVF Clinic Internet Marketing Case Study

Fertility Solutions is an IVF clinic with 2 offices in Queensland, Australia. Since starting work together in October 2011, they’ve seen their Google organic traffic triple, going from 588 visitors per month in 2012 to 1,776 visitors per month in 2014. They’ve seen a 60% increase in gross revenue from 2013 to 2014.

Click the image below to view full screen and see how traffic has tripled in the last 2 years.

fertility solutions

Fertility Clinic SEO & Marketing Strategy

Denise DonatiDenise Donati is the co-owner and nurse manager at Fertility Solutions. When we first met, her mission was simple: She wanted her main company website ( to rank better in Google for organic searches related to her business.

After we achieved her initial goal, we recommended re-designing her website in WordPress, which we felt would further improve her site’s performance in search engines. Almost overnight, we noticed improvements in visitor engagement: Bounce rate was reduced dramatically and time on site per visitor increased.

Later, we expanded our online marketing relationship to include the services below, providing Denise with an end-to-end internet marketing solution. Please click on any service below to learn more about what we’re doing and how it’s helping her business.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

In 2012, Denise launched, a new business aimed at providing lower cost fertility treatment to Queenslanders. We setup a PPC campaign to target desired patients geographically and generate new leads for the business. We continually track performance, make adjustments consult with Google as needed to optimize the campaign.

Micro Site Marketing

ivfsunshinecoast micro siteA micro site is a website which is setup to target a specific high-converting keyword. Usually, the domain name is an exact match to the keyword you’re targeting. An efficient micro site is a fairly static site: It has a simple design, minimal content, and doesn’t require much ongoing maintenance. It’s fairly cheap to setup and it can help produce quality leads if it ranks well for the lucrative keyword you’re targeting.

The advantage of a micro site is to clog up the organic search results with multiple listings that all lead back to your main company website. For Fertility Solutions, we launched three micro sites:


The designs are template themes to keep costs down and content was kept to a minimum. The sites serve the following purposes for Fertility Solutions:

  1. Two of the 3 rank pretty well for their target keywords, thus providing another lead source when visitors find the site in Google search
  2. All 3 provide quality linking opportunities back to the main website, which helps to strengthen its authority
  3. They provide an additional digital asset for posting content

SEO For All IVF Clinic Websites

We’re responsible for SEO of each micro site mentioned above and the two main business websites and We optimize all content before publishing, identify internal linking opportunities which helps boosts rankings, and track keyword performance.

We make sure every page on each site can be found by search engines. We keep an eye on hosting and technical issues, while monitoring Google Webmaster Tools for any site problems that might hurt performance. We quickly address anything that might inhibit search engine optimization performance in Google.

Content Development

affordable ivf caboolture pageContent development is the single most important thing you can do for your website. Each time you publish new content to your website, you make it available to the billions of people using Google each day. That alone is powerful marketing!

We work directly with Fertility Solutions’ administrative team, scientists, nurses, psychologists, and complementary therapists to gather and generate new website content each month. We manage the entire content development process and provide coaching to staff where needed on how to write a great blog post.

We proof and optimize every single piece of content, send them to Denise for final editing, and publish them on their website.

We’ve also created a number of unique doorway pages to rank better in cities served by Fertility Solutions and Affordable IVF. The result of all our content development work is we usually have a steady stream of excellent content on multiple topics, from different areas of expertise, all related back to IVF and infertility.

Email Marketing

fertility solutions email marketing newsletterEmail marketing is fundamental to any business, especially if you’ve already got a list started.

Each month, we create and Denise proofs a newsletter we send to her mailing list. Since we’re using the newsletter to drive website traffic, we get a nice spike in visitors each month and Fertility Solutions remains top of mind with all its current, former, and future patients.

The email marketing campaign keeps patients up to date with IVF costs, technology, and important news and is a great tool for promoting Fertility Solutions’ educational events in the community.

Social Media

fertility solutions tweetsWe’ve setup and consulted with Denise on her Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts.

Each social media account provides referral traffic. We’re always looking for new ways to increase website traffic through use of these mediums.

Link Building

link exampleThere are many different ways to build links. For brick and mortar businesses like a fertility clinic, the most basic way is to submit your website to hundreds of internet business directories and industry niche directories.

Fertility Solutions has been around since 2006, so they are already included in many of these directories, yet there are always more listings we can submit to.

We help Fertility Solutions and Affordable IVF gain a few more links by monitoring Google Alerts and by reaching out to their business partners. The long term advantages of sustained link building include new relationships, increased authority in your niche, and referral traffic.

Conversion Optimization

We installed and use heat map software and regularly monitor results, so that we can see exactly how people are interacting with We can see what visitors click and what sections of the site are most popular.

By knowing precisely how people are using the site and what they are looking for, we make adjustments to allow users to navigate the site faster and enjoy a better overall experience.


We certainly don’t claim to be the only reason why Fertility Solutions and Affordable IVF are so successful – Denise has assembled one of the finest fertility teams in Queensland and runs an excellent business which is patient-focused. But we know we are making an impact. Traffic and leads are both on the rise. Denise keeps track of how every new patient learns about their business and “internet” continues to be one of the top ways couples find them.

fssc google organic traffic oct 2011 to aug 2014

We’re proud of our long-term successful relationship with Denise and her team. We’ve been able to participate in the growth of her business as she has moved into two new custom-built facilities, increased staff size, and watched revenue rise. If you operate a fertility clinic, we’d love to speak with you about a working relationship to help you increase website traffic and generate more leads. You may also view Denise’s testimonial or contact her directly.

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