Micro Sites Help You Generate More Leads [Video]

Micro websites are a great strategy for targeting a specific keyword or keywords. Micro sites usually contain 4-6 pages of unique content and can do well in Google.

Steps to success include:

  1. Purchase a domain name that exactly matches or partially matches your keyword (this is the key!)
  2. Host the site on a unique IP address from your main website
  3. Put up a nice looking theme with around 5 pages of quality content (unique from your main website)

If you do it right, a site like this will rank highly in Google for the keyword term you are targeting. The nice thing is that nearly every link you get can include your keyword, which helps to strengthen it’s position over time. Most of the micro sites we set up for clients involve a one-time setup fee to handle the steps above. Then you’ve got a nice lead source that can pay for itself many times over for years to come.

Here’s a video with an example of a micro site we just launched for a client. If you’d like to learn more and explore possible domain names in your market, call me at 503-890-6663.

Transcription: “Increase Sales And Rankings Using Micro Websites”

Hello, it’s Mike Munter and what I want to talk to you about today is micro sites, micro websites, and how they can help you increase traffic to your main website.

What Is A Micro Site?

First of all, what is a micro site? Micro site, generally, my definition of it is it’s kind of a small 4, ,5, 6 page website that we usually don’t do a whole lot of ongoing maintenance to. So, generally a micro site – it’s going to be a keyword targeted domain, it’s going to have an “about” page, a “contact” page, and maybe a description of services, and you might put a couple of blog posts on there and your social media links. But beyond that, you’re probably not going to do too much to it.

All of the content, of course, is going to be unique, and it’s going to be quality, but we’re really not going to have ongoing maintenance for the most part.

How Do Micro Sites Help Your Business?

So, let’s talk about an example of a micro site and how they help you.

So, I currently work with a fertility clinic in the Sunshine Coast area of Australia and their website is Now, one of the main keywords that we target is -since they’re a fertility clinic – is “ivf sunshine coast.” So, recently, what we did is we went out and we actually found that is available as a domain name. So, we’ve developed this site into now, a micro site. The keyword is an exact match for the keyword that we’re trying to target for the business, and so, the way that this is going to help us now is it’s keyword rich, it’s keyword targeted. So, these exact match domain sites do very well as long as the content that’s on them is quality and it’s unique.


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“Clog Up” Search Results For Your Keyword

Now, one nice thing is we’re hoping to clog up the SERPs – that’s the search engine results – so that when you go to and you type in “ivf sunshine coast”, you know I think the 4th listing on the page [as of August 2013] is FSSC, our main website. And quickly rising is, so now instead of just having one listing on the first page of Google, we’re gonna have two listings. And we could even buy other domains and go for a 3rd listing or a 4th listing.

So, obviously, we’ve got all our contact information here, so we’ve just gotten a little bit more marketshare on the first page of search results [for our main keyword].

Use Micro Site To Link To Main Website

The other thing that’s really great is that you can use the micro-site to promote your money site. So, for example, you want to make sure that you get your micro site on a different IP address, so it appears to be unique to Google. It appears the site is somewhere else [what I meant to say is it appears as if it is it’s own unique business!] – it’s not on the same IP as the main website.

Then within this new website, if you write a blog post, or if you want to link to a contact page or something or some more authoritative content, you can point to the money site, and that obviously helps to strengthen the main site because now you’ve got a built-in link mechanism that you control over.


So, I hope that that’s clear. If you have any questions, you can give me a call at 503-890-6663. Micro sites are just a fantastic strategy. The tricky part sometimes is finding the domain name that is actually available, but it’s a great way that if you’ve got a little bit of time and money to invest into building these sites out, they really can be long lasting lead generating tools for you.

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