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    IdeaMensch Do’s & Don’ts

    Ideamensch is a great site for Entrepreneurs!  They keep the site consistent for all interviews, so here is how to prepare your interview:

    • DO ~ Provide an actual 1200 x 800 photo of the person.  No logos or stock pictures.
    • DO ~ Provide the persons location (city/state/country) and their Job Title.  This will appear online.
    • DO ~ Only have one person per interview.
    • They only publish First and Last name.  No middle names or Dr. or MD, etc.
    • The URL is only first and last name.
    • Only social media links in the Connect section. No crunchbase, aboutme, and absolutely no, inspirey, praguepost, or other similar links.

    And if you need to make a change after it is published, please highlight the changes to be made in the interview.  IdeaMensch can make a change or two after publication, but more than that requires a re-submission of the interview and another payment. Thanks!

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    Please watch each educational video before placing a CTR order

    Video 1: Use to see local search results

    Video 2: Selecting Positive Links for CTR Campaign

    Video 3: Setup CTR Sheet

    Video 4: Why we can’t use LinkedIn

    Video 5: How to place a CTR order

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      When Are Reports Sent Out?

      Reports are sent on the 28th of each month automatically to the account rep who setup the account. All reports are also cc’d to, so she will always have a copy.

      If an account rep changes for a client, notify me and I will update your email so that you receive a report going forward. Thanks!