What Are The Qualities Of Great Content? [PODCAST]

Great content is prone to get shared, get links, and help build trust amongst your new website visitors.  If you’re operating a business and are curious what sorts of content will give you the best chance of success, check out our recent podcast, What Are The Qualities of Great Website Content?

5 Qualities Of Great Website Content

To summarize, I believe there are 5 key qualities to writing great content:

  1. Unquestionable – your content should cite industry sources or provide examples from your own experience.
  2. Non-promotional – take the approach of being a teacher and only include a soft call to action at the end of your content.
  3. Show don’t tell – wherever possible, include photos, videos or other resource materials to help make your point.
  4. Engaging style – be personal and be yourself – you’ll seem a lot more real and connect better with potential clients.
  5. Proofread for grammar and flow – either have someone else proof your content or re-read it yourself to make sure you’ve written with correct punctuation and spelling.  Make sure your content flows and is easy to follow.

Check out Neil Patel’s post about how your content’s length affects rankings and conversions for an excellent guide with more info on creating quality content.

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