Unique Way To Get Links Back To Your Site

One great way to get links back to your site is by providing your clients with a “badge” with embedded HTML code pointing back to your site.  Now, you might be thinking, “Why would my clients put a link on their site pointing back to me?”  The answer is simple:  Prestige.

Let’s take a look at a sample.  If you look at the bottom of the home page of my website, you will see a small badge from  I put the badge their myself because I think it looks nice and offers me some level of credibility with potential customers.  Since I am not yet a member of the BBB (and unwilling to pay their fee) or my local chamber of commerce, I felt the Manta badge was the next best thing.  This way, a client can click on the badge and be taken to my business page that is located on the well-known small business directory.

How would this work for your business?

Let’s say you operate a business that sells an online training course for Excel.  As people complete your course, you could award them with a badge like the one below that they can place on their personal website or the website of their business.  Now, this “certification” provides them with a nice-looking badge or emblem that they can put on display.

Of course, you’ll include HTML code so that the badge creates a link back to your website, using your brand name or your keyword as the anchor text.  I would recommend using your brand name because too many exact match anchor texts can cause your site to get penalized by Google.

use a badge to get massive links back to your site

Not everyone will post the badge on their site; you will have no control over that.  But for all those who do, you will be the recipient of a number of “hands free” links right back to your site.  This helps establish you as an authority, makes your site stronger, and leads to higher rankings in Google.

What About Other Businesses?

Other businesses can take advantage of a link building system like this, too.  For example, in my business, after I work with a client for a little while, I ask them if they will allow me to place a small, tasteful link directly on the bottom of their website that reads, “Powered by Small Business SEO”.  In my case, I have not taken the time to design an emblem, so I am just using a text link.  This works just as well.

Retail businesses are a bit more challenging, but almost any business that provides a service can create a certification badge or some form of prestigious “medal” that many clients would be proud to put on their site.

If you would like some help coming up with a creative idea to help get auto-pilot links for your company, just give us a call at 503-890-6663.

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