Online Marketing Web Page Copywriting

Online marketing web page copywriting is becoming more and more popular for clients because its one of the best ways to drive continuous streams of traffic to your website, while at the same time being Google-proof.

By Google-proof, I mean that this method of continuing to add quality content to your website or blog is a great way to avoid penalties from Google’s 2012 attack on link building.

We’ve seen many websites get hit with significant decreased rankings this year, which translates into far fewer website visitors, due to over-optimized anchor text link building, irresponsible link building, spammy link building, and use of paid link building services.

Conversely, we’ve seen sites continue to gain traffic by building no links at all and by blogging often.  There can be no doubt that Google has tweaked there algorithm to a place where content truly is king.

While we don’t abandon link building altogether (directory listings continue to be outstanding for establishing credibility and quality links), it is clear that businesses who continually update their website with quality content are winning new customers while seeing web traffic consistently rise.

To put it in simple mathematic terms:

Steady Content = Steady Traffic

So, with such a simple formula for success, why don’t more businesses continue to add content to their site on a regular basis?

The answer for most is also simple:  Time.

Business owners are busy running their business and as a result, they simply do not have the time or desire to write on a regular basis.  This is why SEO marketing services firms like ours provide quality content as one of the core strategies of our work for every client.

Ok, You Got Content, Now Promote It

You can promote your content using social media or you can promote it using a press release.  You can syndicate your content using internet marketing tools and you can promote it via emails to your customer base.  The key is:  Promote Your Content!

Putting up a great blog post on your site is like putting a sign outside your business that says, “Sale”.  Promoting your content using the methods described above is like placing ads in the newspaper, radio, and cable TV.  Try to always think about your content in this way – as a 1-2 punch of creating quality and then promoting it as effectively as you can.

Want to get more web traffic?

Contact us at 503-890-6663 and learn how our online marketing web page copywriting services can help your website traffic improve.  You can request a quoteO and learn more about our online SEO marketing packages.

Need ideas for writing your own content?  Check out our 7 Ideas For Writing Content To Increase Web Traffic.

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