How To Change “Search From” Location in Google, Bing

Here’s how to change your “search from” location in Google.

As Google and Bing are begin to showing more localized Autocomplete/Related Searches suggestions and search results in different cities, it’s crucial that you can see what things look like in different parts of the country/world.

Here’s how I do it (props to my friends at Status Labs for showing me this trick!)

Change Search Location in Google (Most Accurate)

Step #1

Go to Google incognito and go to Google (I use incognito for all client work, you don’t have to).

Step #2

Click the 3 dots >> More tools >> Developer tools

Or you can use the hot key “Ctrl+Shift+I”

Step #3

Click the 3 dots >> More tools >> Sensors

Step #4

Open the dropdown and click Custom Location. This will open up the latitude and longitude boxes so you can edit them.

Step #5

Go to and type in your location.

Note: Type in the full state and/or country and make sure the location previewed on the map is the correct one. Sometimes this tool will take an abbrevation like Woodland Hills, Ca and place you in Canada. It things Ca is Canada. That’s why it is good practice to type the full state name/country name and double check the location is accurate.

Step #6

Copy the latitude and longitude back over the Sensors.

You don’t have to save anything, Google will update when you click out of the boxes.

Step #7

From the bottom of Google search results, click “Use precise location”

This brings up the box below. Click “Allow”

Now you can see the location is changed!

Change Search Location in Google (Faster, Less Accurate)

You can also use – it is much faster but I find it is not as reliable as the latitude/longitude method described above.

Step #1

  1. Select country
  2. Enter language (if not English)
  3. Enter city
  4. Choose Google version for the country you want
  5. Perform your search in the box and hit enter

Step #2

Here’s a sample search I did for “best restaurants” in Portland, Oregon.

Try it yourself – you’ll notice that all your search results are for restaurants in Portland, Oregon. You can do this from anywhere to see how search results look in any city in the world.

How To Change “Search From” Location in Bing

Changing your search location is a lot easier in Bing.

Step #1

Go to and click the 3 bars in the upper right hand corner >> Settings >> Click either or both Country/Region or Location.

Step #2

Easily change location and/or country by clicking into the appropriate box.

Step #3

Be sure to scroll to the bottom and SAVE your changes. Now when you search, you will see local results for whatever city/country you selected!


I don’t know how to perform these tricks in Yahoo – if you do, please let me know so I can add it here.

But a least you know how to view local search results for any city as if you were in that city in both Google and Bing.

This is very helpful when you’re managing clients all over the world and need to measure SEO and ORM factors to see exactly what your client is seeing.

I use these tools frequently and hope you find them helpful!

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