Can You “Fix” My Website With SEO?

This week, we were approached by a company asking us to “fix” a ranking issue they’ve had with a page on their website.  They told us their site was ranking well for a variety of other keywords, yet for this one particular keyword, their site was not appearing in the top 500 search results in Google.

The problem here is that in most cases, a problem this severe cannot usually be just “fixed”.  There is no magic formula that is going to make their web page move from “not in top 500 results” to “top 50 results”.

However, there are several suggestions we made to the client to give them the best chance of ranking the page, while also targeting new keywords to obtain traffic from.  Here’s what we recommended:

1 – Setup a new page.  Create a new URL and move the content from the old page to the new one.  Don’t do a 301 redirect and make sure to freshen up the content, so that it’s different from the old page.  Delete the old page when you’ve re-launched the new page.

2 – Dial in your on-page SEO.  Make sure your title, header tag, and image alt tags are setup properly.  (We wrote an e-book that shows you how to do killer on-page SEO).  Make sure the new page is being linked to from another page within your site.

3 – Write blog posts or create new pages with related topics that help promote the page you want to see ranked.  Then link those pages to the new page.

EXAMPLE:  Let’s say the new page you want to get ranked is a service that your company offers, such as “remodeling”.  After you’ve completed steps one and two above, write a blog post that’s about “residential remodeling”.

Use that blog post to show a case study of a customer you’ve done work for and include a testimonial.  Make it a great post: outline some of the challenges you overcame and include before and after photos and a video, if you have it.  Within the post, provide a link back to your new remodeling page, so that if people want to learn more about that service, they can find the information and contact you.

By doing this, you will have achieved two things: (a) you are promoting your new page about your company’s “remodeling” services and (b) you have just promoted a more niche service about “residential remodeling”.

4 – The next step is to publish a press release that announces the “residential remodeling” project and promotes that page with a link in the release.  Now, you are promoting the page that promotes the page you want to see ranked!

4a – Of course, you will also want to syndicate your blog post on “residential remodeling” on your social media accounts, in order to help spread the word and create a link back to your website.

5 – Lastly, you can do some keyword research and look for long tail keyword phrases that are related to “remodeling” and “residential remodeling” and then create new content targeting those phrases.  These posts could wind up being more case studies, “how to” tips, or a list of top 10 ideas for remodeling a commercial kitchen.  Then, simply repeat steps 2-4 to promote your content.

This is a terrific approach we use to help businesses both large and small to create great content, get more traffic, and help “fix” their ranking issues.  You can do it yourself or hire us to help get it done.



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