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“I have started an online blog / forum on politics, news, entertainment and more and would like to know how to attract traffic.”

Here’s another question I noticed on

And here’s the answer I posted there, transcribed for my readers:

If you want to attract more traffic, start with some internet basics –

1.  SEO Title – make sure the title of your website is not set to “Home”.  Make sure it says what your site is about.  Ideally, you will have done a little keyword research to determine the best keyword phrase in terms of traffic.

2.  PPC – Grab a Google coupon for a free adwords campaign (you can find them almost anywhere online, just google it!) and run a test campaign using a huge variety of keywords you want people to find you for.

3.  Write.  Blog early and often.  Each post you write gives you um-teen new ways for people to find your site.  One things for sure – if you don’t blog, you won’t attract anyone new.  Offer helpful tips and be of service to the world wide web.

4.  Don’t Duplicate Content – If you are using RSS or auto-posting to fill out content on your site, it will not work.  I’ve learned from personal experience and also by recently following a friend’s site.  Duplicating content already present somewhere else will only get you so far.  To attract new visitors, make sure you’re writing 100% unique content.

5.  Turn your content into videos.  I am always harping on the importance of video, so why not make each one of your blog posts the subject for a Youtube video.

6.  Make friends.  Search for other online sites in your niche and build relationships.  You might offer them a guest blog post to gain referral traffic (and a link) back to your site.

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