Magazine Style Website Design

inspirery head shots is a magazine-styled website that features individuals who have an inspirational story they want to share with the world. It’s mission is to give people from all walks of life the opportunity to inspire others with their personal story of courage, transformation, or entrepreneurialism.

New Website Design

inspirery interior pageUnlike many of the other sites we’ve worked on, Inspirery is not a re-design. It was conceived as a brand new site with the following goals:

  • Clean, organized look
  • Ability to showcase multiple individuals on the home page
  • Ease of backend use


The Solution

With Inspirery, since we were starting from scratch, we began by identifying other magazine themed websites for which to model. After locating an excellent prototype, the design was tailored to achieve the warm, crisp look we were after.

The completed product features:

  • Elegant, yet simple top level navigation
  • Multiple calls to action making it easy for individuals to submit their story
  • Email sign-up and social sharing highlighted on every page
  • No classic “footer,” which helps keep the site clean looking and keeps the emphasis on the interviews

The Results

inspirery headshotsInspirery was up and running within weeks of conception and is beginning to attract the attention of individuals everywhere who want to share their story. Entrepreneurs, in particular, have been drawn to the site and everyone is thrilled with the finished product.

If you need a website designed from the ground up, we can help you conceive it and bring it to life. Please contact us or call 503-890-6663.

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