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Kate Brooke is a real estate and small business lawyer with an office in Portland, Oregon. Her small firm provides legal services to real estate agents, brokerage firms and individuals throughout Oregon. Her website is an important part of her image in the local business community.

Old Website Problems

kate's old homepageThe old website had the following problems:

  • Slightly outdated design and look
  • Not mobile ready (not responsive)
  • Site did not represent the personal connection Kate has with her clients

As a result, the site was not very search engine friendly and lacked the professionally polished image Kate wanted to portray.

The Solution

We did a complete re-design of the site to fit the color scheme and image of the law firm, while also making it more fun and personal to align with Kate’s style. We began our project by discussing with Kate the look she wanted for her new site and getting her colors. We then suggested a theme we felt would work well for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Our design team got to work, with a focus on delivering a new site which would help with:

  • Conversions – The new website has multiple calls to action, making it clearer and easier for new visitors to become new clients
  • Lead Generation – Lead capture was added to the site, so new visitors can sign up to receive Kate’s monthly email newsletter
  • SEO – The site coding is search engine friendly and optimized, helping to give Kate’s law higher search rankings in Google
  • Usability – The new site is responsive, meaning it is desktop, tablet, and smartphone friendly. Site navigation is intuitive and the site is organized in a way you’d expect, improving the user experience

The site is built in WordPress, the industry standard for content management systems. Being that the site is in WordPress, it allows our team to easily make site design changes and publish new content. With the site being so easy to use, Brooke Law Office is able to save money it would otherwise have to spend on maintenance and future updates (WordPress, by default, is updated on a regular basis at no charge to users).

The Results

brooke law office responsive and mobile sitesWe built and launched the new Brooke Law Office site in 15 days. Virtually overnight, we noticed improvements in traffic and a reduction in bounce rate. The percentage of new visitors has also increased. Kate is very happy with the new look and functionality of her site and is now engaged in monthly SEO and content development to help improve rankings and traffic.

If you are interested in law firm web design and development, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch or call 503-890-6663 today.

Client Testimonial


Real estate attorney Kate Brooke, Portland, OR“I am a skeptical lawyer and I am particularly skeptical about businesses who attempt to sell me a better “Google presence”. Costs are high. Measurements of efficacy are hard to understand, if they occur at all.

Then I met Mike Munter. He explained to me in understandable terms what I would need to do to enhance my web page, why I would have to enhance it, and what I could expect. No contract. Reasonable fees. I tried it. Before the first month was up I heard from at least two folks who found me through an internet search for a real estate lawyer.

In six months, Mike was able to show me how the statistics for my website had increased due to his efforts. I am not going to pretend that I understand how it happens or even what a “click though” is. I only know that I am getting the results that Mike promised. He has done everything he said he would do and more. How can you go wrong?” – Kate Brooke


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