7 Ideas For Writing Content To Increase Web Traffic

#1  Latest News

Go to Google and type your product or service into the search box.  Then click “News” on the left hand side of the page to see the latest news about your industry.

#2  FAQ

What questions did your customers ask you this week?  Even if they seem simple to you, your customers are wondering.  It could be something as simple as, “when can i expect delivery of my product?” or “do you offer a warranty on your service?”

#3  Keyword Research

Go to Google’s free keyword tool and type in a product or service you sell.  It’s a good idea to filter your results by “exact”, by low-medium competition, and 100 or more searches per month.  Hit search and the tool returns a group of keyword ideas for you.  These are all great topic ideas.  I look for the longer tail keywords (3 or more words) with the highest approximate PPC value.

#4  Seek Out Guest Blog Posts

Tired of writing content yourself?  You can post your need on Blogger Link Up and invite others to write something provocative for you.  You can edit the story to your liking and post it on your site, usually with an attribution link back to the author’s own site.  Plus, you’ll be building relationships.

#5  “How To”

Think of “How to…” questions that apply to your business.  Since many people use the internet to find out how to do things, share your knowledge in a step-by-step article that can help people do it themselves.

#6  Product Reviews

Whatever your industry, chances are you’ve got a product or service to review.  These are great because you can write from your own personal experience.  If you own a restaurant, you might write about “Why You Decided To Carry Micro-Brewed Sodas” and if you are a tax accountant, you might do a review of a couple different types of tax software like you, such as “Quicken vs. Turbo Tax”

#7  “7 Ways To….”

Look familiar?  I know it’s cliche, but stories that start with “3 Ways To” or “5 Simple Steps To” or “The One Thing You Must Do” continue to be immensely popular.  For proof, consider how many years David Letterman has been running his Top 10 list.

No matter what you write about, get to it.  We’ve seen proof over and over that adding content to your site on a regular basis is one of the best ways to generate traffic from interested consumers.

No time to write?  Content writing is an essential part of our SEO marketing services.

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