5 Reasons To Choose WordPress

For my money (and my client’s money), I choose and recommend WordPress at every opportunity for a great-looking website that provides tremendous SEO value.  Here are some reasons why to choose WordPress.

User Friendly Plug-Ins

Want to do customer invoicing?  Use the free WP Invoice Plug-in.  Want to automatically update Twitter with your blog posts?  Use the free WP To Twitter Plug-In.  How about managing your sites SEO?  Choose from the free SEO Ultimate or Joost’s free WordPress SEO Plug-In.

There are thousands of plug-ins for WordPress that let you create great features on your site, and most of them are free.

SEO Friendly, Clean Code

Clean code and well-formed URLs are hallmarks of SEO success for your website.  While other platforms create sloppy, hard to read URLs, WordPress, by default, offers you the opportunity to create pages and posts based on your titles, with dashes between each word for readability.  Additionally, WordPress coding is simple and straightforward, making it easy for robots to scour your site’s pages and index them.  The result is your site loads faster and ranks higher in search results than competing sites not using WordPress.

Availability of Themes

Theme design and layout is one of the most important decisions you can make for your website.  With WordPress, there are literally an unlimited number of themes available for you to choose from.  Many themes are free and many others cost less than $100.  Whether your site is for e-commerce, business, or blogging, you will have many WordPress themes to choose from, giving your site a fresh, modern look.

Universal Standard

WordPress is the CMS platform of choice for web designers all over the world.  What this means for you is that there are plenty of companies, agencies and freelance graphic artists who can support your site and help you create the look you want.

Long Term Cost

While you may pay a bit more up front for your WordPress website setup and customization, the long term costs of WordPress are less expensive than other CMS platforms.  That’s because WordPress is easy to use and easy to support.  Most importantly, it’s easy to learn, with built-in templates to make your page and post additions quickly and easily.

Website design is one of the services we provide at Mike Munter SEO.  For a quote, call 503-890-6663.  We’ll help you design a site that looks great and performs well in search results, helping you build your brand and get more customers.

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