Taco Bell’s “Steal A Taco” Promotion: Leveraging An Ad Campaign To The Max!

Did anyone watch the early innings of the World Series game 1 last night?  Did you notice the guy sitting behind home plate with the sign exhorting players to “Steal A Base” so he could get his free taco?

Now, that’s how to leverage an advertising campaign to the max!

Taco Bell has invested big money in their “Steal A Base, Steal A Taco” campaign during the World Series.  In addition to a six figure (at least) spend with MLB and Fox Sports, there is the huge operational cost in delivering on the promotion at local restaurants across the country after the first base is stolen.

The question is – how much did the guy sitting behind home plate last night get paid to hold up the sign for a few innings?  Maybe a couple hundred bucks?

So, for a little extra wrangling, Taco Bell drove their promotion home one more time, reaching millions of viewers at the beginning of last night’s game.  And they furthered it by promoting their campaign keyword in social media, via the “#StealATaco” Twitter category tag that was intelligently added at the bottom of the sign.

I point this out because I think it’s a very creative way for Taco Bell to leverage what’s already an outstanding promotion:  Simple, easy to understand, and very effective.

Consider what Taco Bell is doing – albeit on a grand scale – when you think about how you want to market your own business.

Enjoy the series, good luck with your marketing and if you need someone to brainstorm with, just get hold of us!

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