SEO Tips: A Winning Small Business SEO Strategy

Here is a simple strategy with SEO tips and advice I use to help improve organic traffic for my small business SEO clients.  My P90x Fitness Client Nick Husin and I are using these SEO tips and strategy on his website and it is working well.

SEO Tips for Small Business - Organic Traffic Progression Photo
The graph above shows the Google organic traffic increase from April through October.  (The slight blip in May occurred when Google analytics inexplicably turned off for a week).

Nick has gone from receiving 108 visitors per week for the week of May 1-7 to receiving 829 visitors per week for the week of October 9-15.

SEO Tips for Small Business

1.  Maintain a blog.  Before Nick even hired me to help with his SEO, he was blogging on a regular basis.  This is excellent practice because Google loves to see fresh and interesting content on your website.  If you follow any of these SEO tips, make sure to follow this one.  By having a blog on his site, Nick accomplishes several things – he gives Google (and his readers) a steady stream of fresh content, he gives me new pages that I can optimize for the search engines, and when we create backlinks to these pages, we are doing deep linking, which helps to diversify our links and make it appear organic to Google.  Finally, each blog post is auto-updating his Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages.

2.  Use Social Media.  The second of our SEO tips focuses on social media.  It is important that you claim your brand on the two social media giants – Facebook and Twitter.  You can go crazy and setup your business profile on all sorts of social media, but these two are where the action is.  Over time, as you let people know about your business, you will develop a following from friends and other people interested in what you are doing.  If you visit Nick’s site, you will see his links to these social networks prominently placed.  Facebook and Twitter allow people to communicate with you the way they want.  As you update your social media pages with your interesting blog posts, you will naturally bring more traffic back to your site.

3.  Target High Traffic Keywords.  Don’t be scared to go after the really “fat cat” keywords that can bring you tons of traffic.  For a website with a national audience like Nick’s, it’s a good idea to look for keywords with 1,000 or more exact local monthly searches.  “Exact local” means the keyword phrase “exactly” matches what people type into Google and “local” indicates the country you are in.  In Nick’s case, we initially targeted a handful of targeted keywords with over 1,000 exact local monthly searches.  About 3 months into our work, as we began to get some traction, we decided to go after a really aggressive keyword, which receives a whopping 600,000 searches per month.  Even though Nick’s site has lingered between #7 and #11, he is getting over 1,000 visitors per month from this one term alone.  Of course, the term is P90X!

4.  Do Basic On Page Optimization.  Basic on-page optimization includes modifying title, headers, alt tags, and description for the pages you are trying to get ranked.  If possible, modify the URL to include your target keyword, too.  We do not do on-page optimization to every single page because we are not trying to rank every single page on his site.  Besides, if we did that, we would never be able to put enough emphasis on each keyword to get it successfully ranked on the first page of Google.  We’d be spreading ourselves too thin.  Instead, I’ll do basic on-page optimization to his pages from time to time, with emphasis on the pages we really want to get ranked and create traffic for. Remember, you only need one good entry point to your site to get someone hooked and spending a lot of time with you.

5.  Backlinks.  The heart of all SEO tips is to create backlinks.  Backlinks are best formed for Google with keyword rich anchor text that are hyper linked back to the web page you’re trying to rank.  In SEO Tips #3, you noticed a keyword rich anchor text for “P90X” and in SEO Tips #4, you can see a longer tail keyword back to another page on my own site for “first page of Google”.  Create keyword rich anchor text backlinks to your web pages for your various target keywords and you will begin to see your site move up in search rankings.  Once you reach the first page of Google, you will begin to see some traffic back to your site (after you install Google Analytics, of course).  Learn how I get quality backlinks here.

6.  Diversify Your Backlinks.  In order to make your backlink strategy look natural to Google, vary the anchor text you are using.  Don’t just put up hundreds of backlinks for P90x to your home page, mix it up a little.  Above, in SEO tips #5 is a great example of how I linked to another page on my site using the anchor text, “here”.  In natural circumstances, people will link to your site using terms like “this website”, or “click here”, or they might copy and paste your whole URL.  In general, for Nick’s site, I keep the random links to around 5-10%.

7.  Be Patient.  SEO requires a little faith.  Nothing is more disheartening to me than to start trying to rank for a keyword phrase and not even show up in the top 100 rankings for a couple weeks.  Search engine optimization takes time to see results.  The nice thing about SEO is once you begin to establish your site and build momentum, you just get stronger and stronger with each additional blog post and each additional backlink.  In time, with enough traffic headed your way, you will begin to pick up new customers, new followers of your social media pages, and new people creating their own links back to your interesting content.  In the world of internet marketing, content is king and Google is the judge of whose content is most relevant.  Be patient, keep at it, and you will see results.

SEO Tips For Success: The Results

If you follow the SEO tips above, you will have a firm foundation for an excellent SEO strategy that will steadily boost your site in the search rankings for many different quality keywords.  In just 6 months, has enjoyed an 8-fold increase in organic search traffic from our efforts.  While we can’t predict what the future will bring, we do know that our hard work is paying off in terms of increased traffic to his site.

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