ReviewsTalk Removal

We have removed negative reviews from ReviewsTalk for our clients in as little as two days. Our removal service is 100% guaranteed, which means you do not pay unless the negative link has been permanently removed. Call 503-890-6663 for a quote or complete our form.

reviewstalk logoCompared to better known complaint sites like RipoffReport and PissedConsumer, ReviewsTalk is another site that boasts thousands of consumer reviews.

And while it is not the strongest of the negative review sites on the internet, it’s still a thorn in your side if someone has posted a negative review about you, your business, or your product.

Often, these reviews can appear on page 1 when you Google yourself or your business and that can leave you either:

  1. Constantly having to explain the negative review
  2. Getting less phone calls because the bad review is hurting your business

We can help you by getting the article removed permanently. This is a guaranteed service, so you do not pay unless we successfully delete the link.

How Do You Remove Negative Links?

Each review site we perform removals on is a little different.

In some cases, our legal team gets involved and will work directly with the legal team from ReviewsTalk. We explain how the review is negatively impacting the business of our client and we’re able to get it removed.

In other cases, we’ve established a direct relationship and are able to negotiate removals based on the volume of cases we handle.

Usually, with, we are negotiating directly with the site itself to get unwanted links removed.

How Does The Guarantee Work?

It’s really simple – you only pay us if we’re successful in removing the unwanted link(s).

Once you sign our agreement that details what we are removing, you place the required funds in escrow. If and when the link is removed and you are satisfied, the funds are released and payment is made to us.

Please note, if we are not successful, you pay nothing. The funds are released back to you and you owe nothing.

Historically, we’ve had very good success in deleting unwanted, false, or fake reviews from ReviewsTalk.

How Long Does It Take To Delete A Link?

Typically, the process takes less than 4 weeks. We recently had a case completed within 48 hours, but each case varies, depending on the severity and number of links.

For a confidential quote, call us at 503-890-6663.