Need More Website Traffic? Move Your Site To WordPress

In order for me to REALLY help you grow your traffic and increase your sales, your website needs to be in WordPress. Period.

Take a look at this convincing data from two clients who have seen increases in traffic SIMPLY by switching to WordPress.

Case Study #1

FS traffic - all traffic april 2012 - jun 2013


The Google Analytics snapshot above represents the time period from April 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. Notice that in the 5 months leading up to the move to WordPress, their traffic is stagnant.

In October, we see an immediate spike due to the switch, which was made on the 10th. November dipped (but was still higher than pre-switch traffic) and December was low due to the holidays.

Starting in January 2013 and continuing to this day, traffic continues to swell.

Comparing the 3 months prior to the switch (Jul-Aug-Sep 2012), traffic is approximately 800 visitors per month. Traffic over the most recent 3 months (Apr-May-Jun 2013) is averaging over 1,600 visitors per month. That’s DOUBLE the traffic!

Blogging and Email Marketing

But we can’t give all of the credit to WordPress. In the last 4-6 months, the client is committed to blogging and email marketing. At least once a week, we post optimized content to the blog and each month we send an email to their database.

More Organic Traffic Equals More Market Share

FS organic traffic april 2012 - june 2013

More traffic means more online market share. In order to get more traffic to your website, one of two things is happening – either the quantity of searches in your niche is increasing OR you are grabbing visitors from your competitor.

So, unless we assume the IVF niche in Australia has exploded and everyone is seeing 50% increases, we have to assume that Fertility Solutions is getting traffic their competitor’s used to get. Notice on the Google analytics snapshot above that organic traffic hovered around 600 visitors per month prior to WordPress (and our blogging/email marketing strategy) and for the three months April-May-June 2013, organic traffic averages about 900 per month.

Increase In Sales

According to my client, sales at the clinic are up 65% for the six month time period Jan-Jun 2013 compared to the same six month period fo 2012. The number of new consultations is increased 78%. (Consultations are the first important step in selecting a fertility clinic with which to do business.)

Now, while I won’t say that SEO, online marketing, and a new WordPress website are responsible for all of this sales growth – certainly Fertility Solutions’ enhanced presence on the web is playing a role in the company’s growth.

Further, since October 2012, Fertility Solutions has launched a new affordable IVF brand and moved into new offices they had built specifically to meet the needs of their scientists. Additional staff has been added to maintain a high level of customer service.

Now that our foundation has been laid, we’re launching micro-sites to further dominate the IVF niche and we’re getting into more creative and collaborative content marketing and link building strategies to improve the authority of the domain.


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We’ve grown together with my team serving as their online marketing department. This is what can happen when you commit to a long term strategy of marketing your business online.

Case Study #2

traffic increase after wordpress


I don’t have permission to release the client information from above, but I will tell you it is a well-established website in the affiliate marketing niche. To this client, traffic to his website is particularly important – it is the only way he has of getting paid.

This is a much smaller sample, but the increase in traffic is dramatic and is a reflection simply of moving the framework to WordPress.

In the two full weeks since the site was migrated, overall traffic has improved to it’s prior levels, signalling a slight rebound from a slow and steady decline due to Google’s Penguin update. What was 650 visitors per week has jumped to 1,100 visitors per week, simply by switching to WordPress. That’s a 70% increase in traffic which I can attribute directly to a move to WordPress.

Rise In Organic Traffic

organic traffic increase since move to wordpress platform


The snapshot above shows the organic traffic increase since moving the website to the WordPress content management system.

From an average of about 425 organic visitors in the three weeks leading up to the switch, traffic has climbed to an average of 580 visitors in the two weeks since.

Again, I know this is a small sample, but there can be no other explanation of the traffic gain, other than that search engines like Google prefer WordPress.

Other Reasons To Choose WordPress

Besides the fact that you’ll get more traffic and sales when you move your site to WordPress, you’ll also enjoy these intangible benefits:

  • Industry Standard – WordPress is the prominent platform on which to build your website. Engineered for growth, it’s constantly upgraded (at no cost to you) by a team of web designers and it’s the de facto standard amongst developers all over the world. You’ll never have a hard finding affordable, knowledgeable support.
  • Ease Of Use – I’m a stickler for things that are easy and with thousands of free plug-ins and intuitive back-end interface, WordPress is a favorite of techies, business owners, and marketing guys like me.

Let’s Wrap It Up

If your site is currently sitting on a GoDaddy, Weebly, Wix or some other small business platform, I’d give serious consideration to switching it to WordPress. If you feel you’ve lost control of your site or find changes to be a pain in the butt or expensive – or both – you’ll be relieved at WordPress’s usability.

The investment you make in moving your website to WordPress will pay for itself many times over as your business grows for years to come. If you don’t yet have a website, do it in WordPress.

Commit to adding content and email marketing on a regular basis and you’ve got yourself a winning formula for success!

If your business does not have a marketing director or you only have one person on staff, we’d make an excellent fit.  100% of the businesses I work with have business owners handling marketing. If you’d rather focus on your business, I’m here to help. Call me at 503-890-6663 and we’ll have a no nonsense look at your site, your goals, and the opportunities you have to increase your share of the market online.

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