Long Tail Keywords & How I Chose My Keyword For This Website

Long Tail Keywords

Generally, keywords that are 3 words or longer are referred to as long tail keywords.

I love long tail keywords.

Why?  Because long tail keywords usually have a lot less competition and are more targeted buyer keywords than short keywords.

>> But finding gold nugget long tail keywords with acceptable levels of traffic can be challenging.

Let’s consider my website and the process I went through in choosing which keyword to build my site on, since I was starting from scratch.

Long Tail KeywordsI began my keyword research by looking at many different terms with “SEO” or “search engine optimization” in them.  There are a lot of variations from “SEO business” to “SEO services” to “cheap SEO packages”.  Any of these terms would’ve been nice as they have good traffic.  However, the competition for each term is high.

Plus, I wanted to drill down a bit more and try to really nail who the clients were that I wanted to help – hence, “small business” or “small business owner”.  [ Side note: I have a lot of friends who are small business owners and I love how passionate they are about their work.  Besides, I left corporate America behind years ago. ]

As I turned my search to small business owners, I found long tail keywords like “small business marketing”, but this is not specific to what I do.  I stumbled upon “small business SEO” and liked how it felt.  I felt that anyone typing “SEO” into Google knew that it’s short for search engine optimization.  To me, this meant maybe they were a bit more advanced in their knowledge of search engine optimization, since they were using the acronym.

But even “small business SEO” was pretty competitive, so I decided to drill down even further and carve out a niche for myself.

That’s when I added the “affordable” to the front of the term and was pleased to see 480 exact monthly searches with not too much competition.  I also like that “affordable” lets me work in a niche with small business owners who are cost-conscious marketers, like myself.

Then I typed “affordable small business SEO” into Google and looked at my #1 competitor.  At the time, it was Terry Reeves, so I analyzed his site using my SEO tools and found that his niche is similar to mine, but not exactly the same.  I also looked at the #2 and #3 spots and found that even though they were in the same ballpark as me, they weren’t in the same section.

Maybe you arrived at my site, by typing “affordable small business SEO” into a search engine.  If you did, I hope my site is providing you with valuable information and I hope we can do business together.

My intention is to dominate for the long tail keywords I choose and then make myself competition proof, which is the same thing I’d hope to do for you.

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