Internet Marketing Tips For Your Business

A good starting point for marketing your business online is getting found in Google for a search phrase that contains two things:

  1. What you are
  2. Where you are

For example, if you were a chiropractor with an office in Portland, Oregon, you’d be doing pretty well if you were found for people searching “chiropractor Portland” or “chiropractor Portland Oregon.” That’s because a search phrase like that is going to be high converting: the searcher already knows what they want and where they want it. They just need to find you.

Using Google To Find Marketing Opportunities

So, let’s take a look at some simple internet marketing tips to optimize your chances of getting found in Google for what you are and where you are.

This screenshot shows the first page of organic Google search results for “chiropractor Portland Oregon” as they appeared on October 13, 2014. Below, I’ll take you through the opportunities I see, so you can apply them to your business.

google search for chiropractor portland october 13 2014

Internet Marketing Opportunities

1. Claim and optimize your Yelp listing. As you can see, Yelp appears both #1 and #2 and many consumers will use Yelp (after using Google) to find you.

What I Would Do: If your business is not published on Yelp, create a listing. Your business may be listed, but unclaimed. Claim it. Then optimize it by populating every single field they offer you. Give a complete description of your business, the services you provide, office hours, and post as many images as they will let you, etc. Fill out everything. A complete listing usually outranks one that’s incomplete. Improve your listing by directing your customers to post reviews directly on your Yelp page – this will really make you stand out. (Notice how Bridgetown Chiropractic claims the #2 spot).

2. Claim and optimize Healthgrades listing. is a niche industry directory that’s populated with basic data about health professionals (name, address, phone #). It’s a “niche” directory because it’s focused on medical and health professionals like chiropractors. It ranks well because it has earned a high level of trust with consumers and Google.

What I Would Do: Just like Yelp, check to see if you’ve got a listing. If not, get one, claim it and fill it out completely. Be sure to include your website in all of your business listings where permitted, as each link back to your site helps to make your site stronger. Being a niche directory, Healthgrades lets you include specific services you offer and insurance you accept. Fill out everything completely and then try to get some reviews to make your listing stand out from your competitors.

3. Claim and optimize Google+ Business Page. The 7-pack local listings you see next are the top ranking chiropractors with Google Business pages. These are important because they readily provide consumers with map information, reviews (if you have them), and your address and phone #. This makes it easy to find and contact you.

What I Would Do: You guessed it! Claim and optimize your Google+ Business page. Add several images and be sure to include your business website in the profile. Seek reviews – after you get 10, the little gold star rating system will appear and your business will stand out a bit more than the others.

4. Optimize your website. The remaining chiropractors listed on page one are all individual business websites. Notice the titles – each one includes “chiropractor” or “chiropractic” and includes the word “Portland.”

What I Would Do: In order to improve your ranking for “chiropractor Portland, Oregon” (and other related keywords), I’d include those words in your home page title, H1 tag, and use the words within the text of your home page in a natural way. Link to your home page from other pages on your site that contain the words “chiropractor”, “Portland chiropractor” or similar. Don’t overdo it, but drop them in where it makes sense to do so and you’ll be sending an important signal to Google of what your home page is about. These are called internal links and they’ll help strengthen the authority of your home page. Plus, you’ll probably rank better for your keyword.

5. Make a video and optimize it. I don’t see a single video on page one. This is a great opportunity to see if we can crack the top 10 with a video featuring you and promoting your business.

What I Would Do: Make a video! Use an HD camera and simply introduce yourself using a sample script similar to this:

“Hi, my name is [your name] and I’m a chiropractor in Portland, Oregon. We’ve been in practice for [how many years] at our office in [area of Portland].

We offer a full range of chiropractic services including [list your services]. We specialize in [list any specialties].

We accept all major forms of insurance and offer a 10% discount to first-time patients. If you’re in pain or your being restricted from doing the things you enjoy, we’d love to help you.

We’re located at [your address] and can be reached at [phone #] or on the web at [your website].”

We can help you make a short, informational video (with music and pictures) about your practice that promotes you in a positive way. See sample.

I’d optimize the video by making “Portland Chiropractor…” be the first thing in the title and include these words (or a transcript) in the description.

Publish versions of the video to both Youtube and Vimeo, two of the strongest ranking video sites. I’d also purchase some links from Fiverr to try to boost the video in Google.


As you can see, a simple Google search for a term you’d like to rank for can uncover a number of opportunities you may not have thought of.

What I like about this approach is it helps to set priorities. There are so many ways to market your business online that it can be overwhelming. Start by Googling what you are and where you are and you’ll know where to start.

You might also simplify it even further by Googling your zip code, instead of your city. This will really help lock you in on where to get started.

We offer lots of internet marketing tips on our blog and within our Guide to ranking in Google. If you’d like us to handle the work for you, we can be reached at 503-890-6663.

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