India SEO Companies: One Big Reason To Just Say No

Below is an actual email I copied from my inbox today.  I get about 3 messages like this one each week:



I am ______, SEO Consultant.

Advertising in the online world is one of the most inexpensive and highly effective methods of promoting a business.

We are a Leading Indian Based SEO & Web Development Company and one of the very few companies which offer organic SEO Services with a full range of supporting services such as one way themed text links, blog submissions, directory submissions, article writing and postings, etc.

We are a team of 105+ professionals which includes 45 full time SEO experts. We are proud to inform you that our team handled 400+ SEO projects and obtained 100000+ manually built links in the past 1 year.

Let me know if you are interested and I’ll present you with a proposal that would not only improve sales of your company but also brand your products.

Feel free to contact me in case of any enquiry.

Kind Regards

Name: _________

Designation: Online SEO Consultant

Country: India


100,000 links for 400 SEO clients?  5,000 links per client?  This is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Here’s why:

The other day I got an email from a prospective client in Washington who is a doctor.  He owns and operates a successful podiatry practice and also sells products online.  Over the last several years, he has worked with an Indian SEO Company who has provided him with outstanding results.  As the company continued to build him links over time, he watched his website traffic grow and grow.  Along with it, his business increased, and much to his surprise, online sales of his foot products also grew and became a viable business all by itself.  Happy times!

Alas, in 2011, business began to level off and now that Google has come toughened the SEO link building rules with it’s Panda and Penguin updates in 2012, his rankings have slipped and traffic is down.  Needless to say, his revenue is off and now he is searching for a US-based company who can provide him with “ethical link-building”.

Reason #1 To Say No To Indian SEO

This scenario is all too common in the post-Penguin world of SEO.  Indian companies that have enjoyed tremendous growth over the last 5 years are now beginning to lose their clients to us, our associates, and other United States-based companies.  The reason?  The India SEO companies have failed to adapt to SEO in 2012.  In every case I have seen so far, outsourced SEO companies continue to follow the same old strategy of endless link-building, with repeated exact match anchor text.  This strategy just does not work anymore, and for whatever reason, the SEO houses overseas have not made the change.

Today, we are seeing sites rank highly in Google with little or no link building whatsoever.  It is clear to us that content really is king.  And if you try to out-fox Google, you might enjoy some short term results, but within 6 months you will likely find yourself having to start all over with a new site or doing some major damage control to your current site, so that your link building profile looks more natural.

Outsourced Marketing

To turn over the marketing of your business to a company overseas just does not make sense to me.  In the world of SEO, there are many decisions to be made, and I do not wish to empower someone on the other side of the world who knows nothing about my business with the decision-making authority to do that.

Marketing – whether it be online or offline – requires creativity and out of the box thinking to be successful.  Even the smallest of SEO campaigns require intuitiveness and finesse to be successful.  Every business sector is different, each with its own nuances.  Google recommends that you create the best content possible for your site, so that it’s compelling for users and engaging to potential customers.  Do you think an Indian SEO company is going to help you with that?

Indian SEO companies are formula based, applying the same basic strategy and repetitive link-building techniques to everyone.  They are not going to help you market your business and if you’re not careful, you might find your website driven into the ground.

Decision Making

One of the things I do for clients is search for niche directories where I can get their business listed.  In these instances, I often uncover opportunities to optimize a listing by adding an additional description (in English) or by providing links to their site(s) that go above and beyond a typical listing.  Lots of times, I find it necessary to contact the site owner to ask permission for my client’s business to be included in their directory.

To me, the quality of SEO work lies in making these decisions, optimizing a client’s marketing opportunities with well-written, creative text and video, and taking advantage of opportunities that aren’t easily seen.  Using outsourced labor can be helpful for getting SEO work done; however, it needs to very closely managed and directed, otherwise you can wind up with sinking rankings and poorly written content.

Bitten by India SEO?

Have you been reading the reports of the links your Indian SEO company has been building for you?  Take a stop by, input your website, and take a look at the number of links you have.  Does it seem excessively high?  Now click on the option called “Anchors” and see how many links you have for your exact match keywords.  See hundreds of links for the same keyword phrase?  Does that keyword make up over 10% of your entire link profile?  You could be the victim of some excessive India SEO formula-based link building.

SEO is not cheap anymore.  It takes time to see results and it takes quality work, led by a company that understands how to help you market your business online.  Call us.  We’re ready to help.

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