How To Get More Website Traffic From Google With Niche Content

For small business owners trying to get the most out of their website, increasing the amount of traffic from qualified visitors is an ongoing challenge. In this article, we will take a look at how to get more traffic from people searching in Google for the products and services your business sells.

First, let’s recap Google’s objective as a major search engine.  They want to give us the best possible search experience. They want to provide us with the most relevant information based on our search query. If Google is doing its job, we would all click on the #1 organic result, every time we did a search.

Developing A Narrow Niche

Knowing that Google is trying to provide the most relevant search results, the best way to get found is to really drill deeply down into your niche and then write about it.

I’ll use my business website as an example. Obviously, I am in the SEO business. Type SEO into Google and take a look at how many search results there are.

Affordable SEO Packages - How To Get More Organic Website Traffic From Google With Niche Content

As of January 22, 2012, there are over 1 billion results. Wow! That means that there are over 1 billion web pages in Google’s index that include the term “SEO” or which Google thinks is relevant to “SEO”. That’s a lot of competition. Better narrow it down.

Let’s take a look at “small business SEO”, that’s narrowing things down a bit. Still, there are over 44 million results.

So, let’s take it even further, let’s make it “affordable small business seo”. Even with this 4 word keyword phrase, there are still over 18 million related search results.

Certainly you can keep drilling it down further, let’s say I decided to focus on the accounting niche and make it “affordable small business seo services for accountants”. Now, we get our competition down to just under 2 million results.

You get my point.

So, how many different topics related to that niche could you write about? A lot, when you think about it. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

  • How much do affordable small business SEO services for accountants cost?
  • Affordable SEO Tips for accountant websites
  • Blogging Tips for accountants to get more web traffic
  • Affordable internet marketing ideas for accounting firms
  • Accountant Website SEO: Best practices for On-Page Optimization

See, how each topic is related to the core idea and includes some of the same words?

How To Structure Your Website For More Traffic

If I decided to pursue this niche, I would setup a page on my site with pricing and call it “Affordable Small Business SEO Services For Accountants.”  I’d include a nice, easy to understand graphic with features, benefits and affordable pricing.  I would try to make sure that everything about SEO for accountants was explained. This page is my “money page” for my niche. It is the one I want to convert leads into customers. Therefore, it has got to be simple, straightforward, and include a call to action, like “Buy now” or “Enter email here for more info”.

As I begin to write each of the related blog posts, I would then make sure that each one includes at least one link pointing back to my money page.  That way, if an accountant finds my individual blog post, maybe they will enjoy the post and follow the link right to where I want them – my money page!

This is called “internal linking” and besides creating a funnel back to your conversion “money page”, it’s also a great way to begin boosting a page on your own website as the authority, since other pages are pointing at it.

Next Steps

Once you begin to see some traffic for your narrow niche (you might even want to track some keywords to see if your site is moving up in search rankings), then it’s a good time to broaden your niche and build on your success.

In my case, I would probably write a blog post or two with “CPA” in the title and then write a post with “Accounting Firm” in the title. I’d also consider another vertical market close to the accounting niche, such as finance, tax accountants, tax preparers, payroll services, etc.

Of course, I would cross check all of my niche terms to see what kind of search volume there is by checking in Google’s keyword tool, but that’s another story.

You can do the same exercise for your small business and see what you come up with. As you drill down into your niche and create great content that people want to read and share, you will soon find yourself getting visitors to your site from people searching Google looking for information about that very same niche.

And if you want to super-charge your niche in Google with backlinks, consider taking a look at my affordable SEO packages.

I’ll help you with the drill down process and perform all of the keyword research to help you get going down the right road to better traffic.

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