How Directory Submissions Help Increase Traffic And Website Authority [Video]

Online directories are the web’s version of the Yellow Pages. They provide you with an opportunity to describe your business – usually for free – and they’reĀ one of the easiest ways to get a link back to your website. Getting links back to your site helps improve your site’s authority, which is commonly measured by PageRank. High authority sites do better in Google search results, so that’s why submitting your business to directories is important.

As part of my monthly consulting with local business owners, I help them locate directories to submit their business to. For larger clients, we handle the submissions for you. It’s a time consuming process, but is believed to be one of the most important factors in determining which businesses rank better in Google Places.

Well-known directories include Yelp, Manta, Yellow Pages, City Search, and LocalEze. These directories pull information from major aggregates, leaving you often with a bare bones listing. Complete your listing with accurate business, address, and phone number, and you should do better with search engines.

Niche directories exist for nearly every industry – for example, law directories, trades directories, and restaurant directories. These can also be sought out and either submitted to (if you’re not already included) or upgraded.

Local directories such as chambers of commerce, BBB, and often, your city newspaper contain a list of businesses. Some are paid and some are not. You’ll want to take advantage of every opportunity.

I explain more in the video below. Feel free to call with any questions at 503-890-6663.

Video Transcription: “Directory Submissions Increase Website Authority and Traffic”

Hello, it’s Mike Munter and I wanted to talk to you about another way I consult with local businesses to help them get more traffic and increase their sales.

And this is directories. Directory submissions are a very important way of improving your website’s authority and also increasing traffic. Now, when we think of directories in the online world, think of them as online yellow pages, and so some examples of these sites could be Yelp and and and, and There’s literally hundreds and hundreds of these websites online.

So, the reason you want to submit to these directories and, you know, have a nice listing in them is two-fold. Number one, in case anyone is actually using like to search for a local business of what you do, you want to be there. And you want to have a completely filled out listing. You know if it allows you to upload pictures, upload pictures. If it allows you to give a link to your Facebook page, give a link to your Facebook page.

And the other reason why you want to submit to these directories is because many of them allow you to link back to your website, which is very good for finding you, but that’s also very good for SEO because these links begin to add up and accumulate over time. The more links you get, the more authoritative your website is.

Getting Started With Directory Submissions

So, where do you start?

Well, there’s a really nice resource called and I’ll link to it below. And if you go to Get Listed, you can input your business name in there, and it will pull up a number of directories that are the most influential ones in your industry and your local market that you should be submitting to. So, that’s a great starting point.

Niche Directories

The next thing is niche directories and often clients don’t have time or they don’t know how to go about searching for niche directories, and so that’s where I come in. I can help find those directories, tell you where to submit. Obviously, I can perform submissions for you, but you probably don’t want me spending my hour doing submissions when you can have an employee in your office do it part time.


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The niche directories are going to be – let’s say if you’re a lawyer – you know, there are a number of different websites that list nothing but law firms. And so you’re going to want to be included in those directories as they’re very targeted.

Local Directories

The other of directories that we need to search for and find are local business directories, and this might include, you know, a local chamber of commerce, you know any other sort of business directory in your market. Maybe your local newspaper – a lot of the newspapers now are starting to add directories of businesses, as well. So, it’s going to be very important that you’re in those.

Directory Submissions Wrap-Up

So, you know, this ongoing submission of your business and the description of your business and your website to these directories is really good practice. It helps your business to get found and also to build authority. So, that’s just another way I help you to increase your website visibility and your traffic. If you have any questions, I can be reached at 503-890-6663.

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