How Affordable Small Business SEO Works

How Affordable Small Business SEO Works

The goal of affordable small business SEO is to funnel loads of super-targeted, high quality visitors right to your website, so you can sell to them.

You probably already know how important your website is to the success of your business.   But did you know that the words and phrases you use on your website are crucial to the way your site is seen by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing?

Getting the pages of your website optimized for the right buyer keywords, along with the right tags, and keyword density is one of the main services supplied by affordable small business SEO.  It’s also one of the first steps to getting more traffic.

Affordable Small Business SEO puts your business right in front of the people already searching for your product or service online.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: We begin by talking about your business and how affordable small business SEO might be able to help you.  I get an understanding of your business, what you are selling, and what your business goals are.

STEP 2: Then I do a thorough search of the keyword phrases consumers are typing into Google to find your product or service.  With this information, I compile your free SEO marketing report that tells you how much more business you could be getting by implementing affordable small business SEO into your marketing strategy.  The report gives you an overview of traffic and competition.

STEP 3: At this point, if you decide to move forward, we get to work.  I do all of the on-page optimization for the pages we are trying to rank, including title, headers, description, and keyword density.  We install  Google Analytics on your site, so we can track the # of visitors your site is getting each day.

STEP 4: Then I get to work on the meat of affordable small business SEO.  We begin building back links to pump your site up in the search results for your selected keywords.  When Google’s spiders crawl those links and index them, your site begins to be seen as an authority for the keywords we’ve selected.  Over time, you will move up in the search results.  When you get to the first page of Google, you will begin to see more traffic to your site – the higher up on page 1, the better!

STEP 5: Once we’ve gotten you more traffic, the final step is conversion.  While this step is really up to you, I don’t leave you hanging.  We can see data that will tell us how long visitors are staying on your site and for which keywords.  We can also tell whether potential customers are “bouncing” off your site quickly, by studying your Google Analytics data. Often, some tweaking is required to turn your website into a sales machine.

Are Affordable Small Business SEO Services for you?

Find out by giving me a call at 503-890-6663.  I will answer all of  your questions and help you make an informed decision.  Or you can contact me via email and I will respond by the next business day.  I look forward to showing you how much more business you could be getting by using affordable small business SEO services!

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