Local and Industry Specific Directories

Local directories are those directories that are specific to where you do business. Examples would include your local newspaper or chamber of commerce.

Industry-specific or niche directories are the ones which target a specific business category. For example, there are a number of directories that only list attorneys and there are directories that only list doctors and medical practitioners. Professional associations that offer you a business listing would also be considered as an industry directory.

Getting your business listed in these local and niche directories is important because if you search for something like, “lawyer Phoenix,” you might see search results that include legal directories like and A great example of this is displayed in our Internet Marketing Tips For Local Businesses blog post.

Why Niche Directories Are Important

Having your business listed and optimized in niche directories might provide you with a link back to your website. Plus, as you start to do the extra work it takes to accurately list your business information in these directories, you’re beginning to take steps to success your competitor isn’t taking.

Over the long haul, your effort should payoff in the form of higher rankings in local search results.

Finding Niche Directories

You can search for them in Google by typing your industry + directory. We use Whitespark’s niche directory building service to handle the submissions on behalf of our clients.

Sample Local Directory

Since we’re based in Portland, we use this one a lot!


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