Get On Google Plus Now!

In my work as an SEO, I am always looking for new ways to help my clients rank better in search results.  Recently, I wrote about what a challenge it is becoming to offer affordable SEO services to help small businesses achieve higher rankings/more traffic/more sales.
That’s because Google seems to be de-valuing the automated link building methods we SEO’s use in order to rank sites.  Without automation, the time it takes to create links becomes greater and more expensive.

One thing that is becoming clear is the importance of social media – in particular, Google Plus – in helping websites to rank higher.  If you want to get ahead of the curve, it’s time to get your Google Plus profile setup and start inviting friends.

What Is Google Plus?

Google Plus is Google’s social answer to Facebook and now industry experts are reporting that Google Plus is going to change the way Google displays it’s search results.

If you want to give your site every chance to rank higher in search results, the time is now to setup your account and start building your network.

There are easy ways to begin building your network and these include inviting your current Facebook friends, inviting your email list and announcing your Google Plus using Twitter.

I also recommend adding a plug-in to your website which makes it easy for people to share your content via Google +1 and other social media platforms.  This helps create a little buzz and garners some votes for your content.  It signals to Google that people are talking about your business, which helps your content get found in search results.

I use the free Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share plug-in for WordPress which displays a simple icon bar across the bottom of each of my blog posts

Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share on Mike Munter SEO

I’m working on building my circles and my own following and hope you will join me in the quest to rank higher using the power of Google Plus.

As I find ways to automate and grow my following, I’ll be sharing them in this space and helping my clients do the same!  I’d love to swap ideas if you’ve got a method that is working.

Now, please, if you like what I wrote, please take the time to share it.  Your vote counts! 🙂


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