Facebook Marketing For Small Business

Facebook marketing for small business
is an effective way to help a small business owner acquire new customers and create awareness around your brand.  The following resources and tips will help you optimize your facebook business page and attract new customers.

Facebook Landing Page

Facebook Fan Pages are much like Mini Websites or Landing Pages in the sense that we are asking people to take an action. Not every website has an obvious call-to-action but if you have a website or business fan page then there needs to be some sort of call-to-action, opt In or at least a download button.

I constantly run into people who want a business fan page but at the same time they haven’t taken the time to come up with a message. Some times people just want a pretty splash page with their logo and branding which is ok. I personally think that it’s better to have a custom landing page on Facebook with a call-to-action than to just dump everyone on your wall. At least with a custom landing page you can direct people to hit the Like button opposed to landing on your wall and reading around.

I have found that people (depending on the demographic) are more interested in clicking Facebook links you give them opposed to going to your website. Maybe because it’s a great excuse for them to check their Facebook again.

Facebook Ads

I ran a Facebook Ad (on impressions opposed to clicks) offering a Free Custom Fan Page ($400 value) to the person with the best story of why they wanted a Landing Page. All they had to do was click Like and fill out the form. That’s it. In a one month period, my Likes went from 240 to 1009 and it only cost me $124.75. That may seem a bit expensive to some but I looked at it as paying only .16 cents per Fan. That’s cheaper than any snail-mailer and with Facebook you can measure your efforts.

Facebook ads also enable you to highly target your advertising to a potential customer base.  You can target Facebook users by gender, age, geography, marital status and educational background.  Most importantly, you can target your prospects precise interests.
Facebook Marketing For Small Business:  Facebook Marketing Concepts

The most powerful Facebook marketing for small business Fan Page concept that I’ve seen is the one that offers to donate to a cause in exchange for a Like – Example. Another great angle (although a little spendy) is to offer something of value in exchange for a Like. Here’s something I do on a consistent basis to see what the top businesses are doing on Facebook. When I watch TV, I have my iPad accessible and whenever a commercial comes on, I search for their Fan Page and see how they are currently using their Custom Landing Page. You can grab great ideas this way especially if their commercial ends with the “Find Us on Facebook.”

How To Use Facebook Marketing For Small Business

Engaging potential customers using Facebook is a great way to grow your business.  Use the following tips from my friend Eliza at AboutUs.Org to engage your customers and help boost your search rankings:

  • Post daily.  Post the same content that you post on Twitter (if you like).  You can add a photo and much longer comment to your Facebook post than your Twitter post.
  • Invite interaction.  Ask for feedback on your post.  Comments get noticed by Google and some experts feel that comments might help your search engine rankings.
  • Search Facebook for mentions of competitors. This can tell you which words people use when they’re looking for what you sell.  Start using these same words, so you’ll appear in product searches.
  • If you find someone complaining about your competitor, you can send an offer of practical help – or a coupon – to that person.  Just do not put your competitor down, that will not reflect well on you.
  • Give people a reason to “like” your Facebook page (see example above).  Be creative – offer an exclusive deal or coupon.

Ricky Russ contributed to this article on facebook marketing for small business.  He is the Creative Director at Fidelity National Title. Ricky focuses on Marketing and Online Lead Generation.

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