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Hopefully, you’re a believer in email marketing and are already using it to grow your business and keep in touch with customers/clients. Helping you maximize your return through email marketing is one component of my monthly SEO and online marketing consulting service, which I provide to local businesses who want to keep costs down until they can afford a more robust and dynamic package.

In the video below, I describe a few of the ways I help you get the most from your email marketing campaign to drive traffic and sales. Feel free to call with any questions 503-890-6663.

PS – You might notice I’m smiling wide at the beginning of the video. That’s because my first take didn’t start out so well. For fun, I posted it, so you can watch my out take.

Transcription Of “Increase Traffic With Email Marketing”

Hello, this is Mike Munter and I want to share with you another way that I consult with local businesses to help them improve traffic to their website and increase sales.

Email marketing – a lot of companies do it. It’s one of the most effective and cheapest ways to stay in contact with your customer base. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t stick to it.

Whether it’s on a monthly basis or a bi-monthly basis, I make sure you do because what I do is I craft the email for you and make sure that it gets sent. [I] keep your list up to date – you know, any people that want to be removed or added, you can send that to me and I’ll take care of that for you.

Driving Traffic

So, the next thing is driving traffic and a lot of people, a lot of business owners do this (in my view) incorrectly. And I’ll provide a link to another video where I’ve talked about the right way to do this.

And so you want to do your email marketing so that you’re getting people to come back to your website.

Lead Capture/List Building

And the last thing is lead capture and building your list and obviously you know, you want to have a lead capture mechanism on your website, so that as we’re working together to increase your traffic, through a number of different means, anybody that comes to your website is a prospect to sign up onto your email list.

And then in terms of building the list, you know there’s a number of things that we can do. One is, you know obviously have that lead capture on your website, but also you can use a “pop-up,” so that when someone comes to your website, a “pop-up” appears. They [your visitors] have the option to either click off of it or to input their information.

Strategic partnerships with businesses to build your list [is a good option] and another great idea is to give something away for free. So, maybe we work together to write an e-book or some stp-by-step process that has value and we put that on your website and say that “if you sign up for our list, we’ll give you this for free.”

Email Marketing Video Wrap-Up

So, you know, email marketing is a great way to increase traffic, obviously strengthen relationship with current customers and you really want to just make sure you’re taking advantage of it. And it really is an important part of any monthly consulting that I do with a local business.

So if you have any questions about that, you can reach me at 503-890-6663.



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