Easy Website Traffic: Videos Transcribed To Blog Posts [Video]

I’m a big systems guy. I love to help clients create and implement an easy to follow system that will help them increase website traffic and boost the number of leads they get.

In this video, I share a system I’m helping a local insurance agent implement using videos and blogging. This 1-2 punch is an effective way of re-purposing your content and maximizing your chances of being found in Google.

Transcription Of “Video Marketing + Blog Transcriptions To Increase Traffic”

Hey, it’s Mike Munter here and recently I was asked on my website, “Hey, what do you do for a client, if they’re only able to spend a couple hundred dollars a month for SEO and online marketing?”

The short answer is, “We do a lot of different things,” and here is one of them that I suggested recently to a client and we’re kind of working through it.

Keep A Central FAQ List

So, the first thing I would do, I would recommend is keep a list – you see I’ve got a whiteboard here – keep a list in your office of every question that you get from your clients and customers. So, no matter how simple you think it is, anything that they’re asking you about your business – and I also want you to train your employees to do the exact same thing – so, if they’re on the phone and they get a question, make a note of it and try to have a central location where everybody just jots those questions down.

Answer The Questions In Videos Once A Month

Then step two as a business owner, I would strongly recommend that you make videos like I’m doing right now. And maybe this could be something that you do once a month.

So, you setup a camera in your office, you sit down or you stand up – however is more comfortable – figure out how you want to do your presentation. And hammer out a few videos. Keep them short and sweet. You’re going to use each one of your frequently asked questions from your master list to formulate the content for each video. So, you know, try to keep each video less than five minutes. If it’s only 45 seconds, that’s fine, too.

Optimize Video and Upload To Youtube

Now, step three is you turn that raw footage over to me and what I do is I make it look pretty. We put an intro, outro, add a little music – we don’t worry about making it perfect cos the key with video is connecting. So, don’t read from a script, just be yourself, if you mess up, it’s ok.

Now, I will then take that video and upload it to Youtube – and this will be your Youtube channel. I’ll optimize it for you based on the questions being answered and what our hope is is that then that video will be found by people who are looking for an answer to that question [in Google or Youtube] and that they will connect with you and that might lead to business. Obviously, we’re going to put a link in the description, so that it comes back to your website.

Now, the next thing we’re going to do is we’re gonna take – and this is me, again – we’re going to take that Youtube video and we’re going to transcribe it.

Now, with this transcription, we’re going to create – this is me, again – a blog post for you and we’re going to add this blog post to your website. And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna grab the embed code from the Youtube video, we’re going to pop that in your blog and we’re going to put the transcription right underneath of it because it’s the words, it’s those transcribed words that are going to allow Google organic users to find you.

So, that’s kind of a really easy system. So, if you’re willing to invest a little bit of time up front to you know, kind of keep a list of your commonly asked questions and then once a month, you know, sit down for thirty minutes or an hour, and, you know answer five or six of these questions.

Then all you have to do is send the information to me and I take it from there and we turn it into two great ways to market your business – one: video, and number two: blog posts.

So, if you have any questions about that I’d love to speak with you at 503-890-6663.


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