Does Affordable SEO For Small Businesses Even Exist Anymore?

With this week’s shutting of doors by Build My Rank, many SEO’s have begun to seriously question the ability of small businesses being able to compete in the SEO field any more.

Build My Rank RIPBuild My Rank was a powerful privately held network consisting of hundreds of high Page Rank blogs.  As a subscriber to BMR, all you had to do was write a 150 word unique article and insert your keyword and you created a quality 1-way backlink to your site.  Write a lot of posts for your keywords and your rankings would begin to climb.  The two-year old network was an industry leader in helping small business owners get their website ranked while only investing in minimal monthly subscription fees.

As an SEO specialist, I used Build My Rank for each of my client sites, as well as my own small business SEO site.  I had an outstanding team of writers who would write content for me based on my management of my client keyword accounts.  For SEO clients spending $500 or less, it was an effective way for me to offer value and provide a measurable return to clients.

Although BMR is not the only method I use for creating backlinks, it was a solid pillar of my affordable SEO strategy.  Without it, myself and many other SEO’s offering the same affordable small business SEO services, are left to find new ways to diversify our clients link profile, while maintaining a price point that actually helps them see higher search rankings.  It’s getting harder to do that.

For me, it casts doubt on the ability of any private blog network, whose owner publishes link locations, to be able to avoid Google discovering its footprint and de-indexing its sites.

One alternative to Build My Rank is to manually seek out blogs to do guest posting.  This means you need to get content written, locate the blogs, contact the owners, and submit the posts – a system which is much more tedious, time-consuming and costly.  Plus, it is slow to move a website in search rankings.

Thankfully, there are other methods available and I’m enlisting them now, so that my clients continue to rise in search results.  The problem is that the cost of these methods is beginning to get more and more expensive, in order to stay viable.

Some of my small business clients have priced SEO services from large firms and have been aghast at services that cost $2,500 – $5,000 per month.  So, they turn to a small business SEO consultant like me and others across the country, who are able to provide a good return on a monthly investment under $1,000/month.

The reason I got into search engine optimization work in the first place was to help passionate small business owners get more business, using the vast power of the internet.  Now, it seems we may be entering a time where – as long as Google is king and making all the rules – that small businesses find it tougher and tougher to compete.

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