Blogging For Traffic

Much like the old television game show “Dialing For Dollars”, if you want a clear and simple way to increase the web traffic to your site, you gotta blog.

Each time you put up a new blog post or page on your website, you do several things:

  1. Give your customers new ways to find you
  2. Give Google the content it wants
  3. Create new lead funnels
  4. Establish yourself as the authority in your niche

I know it seems to easy, but I have seen time and again with different sites I run – when I blog more, I get more traffic and when I take a break from blogging, my traffic often levels off, or drops.

What Should I Blog About?

There are many ways to find ideas to blog about. One way is to do a search in Google for the keywords you want to be found for. Take a look at the blogs of your competitors and get ideas from them.

Still another way is to do some keyword research and use various long tail keyword phrases as the “seed idea” for your content. In this way, you are blogging for the search engines, with the goal of ranking for that which you write about.

A third way to get ideas about what to blog about is to write about common questions you get all the time. Is there a question people always ask? Is there something people commonly do not understand about you, your product, or your service? Write about it and explain how you/your service/your product works.

You could put together a “top 5 tips” or “3 best practices” list that offer insight and advice about your product. Posts like this are very popular and are the kind of thing that can go viral and get shared socially.

Lastly, create a “how to” article that explains exactly how to do something, using descriptive step by step instructions and pictures. People love to be told exactly how to do something. Open your post up for comments, so you can respond to questions and keep your readers up to date.

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