Step-by-Step Guide To Optimizing Your Website To Increase Traffic

Posted by Mike Munter on February 15, 2013 / Posted in Blog

I originally wrote this as optimization guide as an e-book called Killer On Page SEO and if you’d prefer to have that, send me an email. By following these basics, you’ll be on the fast track toward improving your site’s traffic. What Is On-Page Optimization? “On-page” optimization refers to the changes we make to each of the pages on our … More

What Are The Qualities Of Great Content? [PODCAST]

Posted by Mike Munter on February 4, 2013 / Posted in Blog

Great content is prone to get shared, get links, and help build trust amongst your new website visitors.  If you’re operating a business and are curious what sorts of content will give you the best chance of success, check out our recent podcast, What Are The Qualities of Great Website Content? 5 Qualities Of Great Website Content To summarize, I … More

How Blogging Helps You Make Money

Posted by Mike Munter on February 4, 2013 / Posted in Blog

Have you been thinking about blogging but not sure if it will help your business generate new leads? In this post I’m going to share some pretty compelling data and real case studies of how maintaining a blog on your website can payoff big time in terms of creating new business opportunities for your company. Blogging is #1 Form Of … More

Take Full Advantage Of Your Guest Blogging Opportunities

Posted by Mike Munter on February 2, 2013 / Posted in Blog

If you’ve been publishing articles on other websites, good for you! These relationships are a terrific opportunity to reach new customers, get referral traffic to your site, and boost your site’s authority in the eyes of Google. Probably the most important aspect of guest blogging is the opportunity to link back to your own website. Links are the doorway to … More

An Easy Way To Move Up In Google Search Results

Posted by Mike Munter on February 1, 2013 / Posted in Blog

Want to know a little, simple search engine optimization change you can make to help your website rank better in Google? Update your website’s home page to include what you do! Update Your Home Page Title What does your home page’s title say right now? If your title doesn’t include keywords describing what you do and where you do it, … More