Email Marketing – Monthly Consulting [Video]

Posted by Mike Munter on August 6, 2013 / Posted in Blog

Hopefully, you’re a believer in email marketing and are already using it to grow your business and keep in touch with customers/clients. Helping you maximize your return through email marketing is one component of my monthly SEO and online marketing consulting service, which I provide to local businesses who want to keep costs down until they can afford a more … More

Need More Website Traffic? Move Your Site To WordPress

Posted by Mike Munter on July 23, 2013 / Posted in Blog

In order for me to REALLY help you grow your traffic and increase your sales, your website needs to be in WordPress. Period. Take a look at this convincing data from two clients who have seen increases in traffic SIMPLY by switching to WordPress. Case Study #1   The Google Analytics snapshot above represents the time period from April 1, … More

How A Local Portland Vacuum Store Lost a $500 Sale

Posted by Mike Munter on July 14, 2013 / Posted in Blog

I’ve got two big dogs, Luke and Charlie, appearing in the featured image above. They shed year round and keeping up with vacuum cleaning is an every week job for me. For over a year, I’ve been thinking about buying a better vacuum to make this task easier. I was pretty much set on buying a Dyson, until I talked … More

What Cheap SEO Services Look Like (And What Can Happen If You Invest In Them)

Posted by Mike Munter on March 19, 2013 / Posted in Blog

I had an interesting conversation last week with my Allstate agent.  During the conversation, she asked me what I did for a living. “Search engine optimization and online marketing,” I replied. She said, “Oh, I pay $200 per month for that.  I’m not really sure what I’m getting or if it’s helping.  Since you’re my client, I’d much rather spend … More

How Much Time And Money Does It Take To Create Great Content?

Posted by Mike Munter on February 25, 2013 / Posted in Blog

By now, you’ve probably learned about the merits of creating quality content on your website and how “long form content” helps you attract links, social media shares, and separates you as an authority from your competitors. And while I see many people talking about why you should create quality content, I don’t see many people sharing how to create it, … More