Affordable SEO Company

Affordable SEO Company

You probably found this page in a Google search trying to find an Affordable SEO Company. The fact that you are here is great. It means that the same strategy I used to get this page ranked is the same I can use to help you get your website ranked.

You can contact me now if you want to get a quote or you can check out our affordable seo packages.

This page was put up as an example of how to do successful On-Page Optimization. In this case, the page is being optimized for the keyword “Affordable SEO Company”. As you read through it, notice how that term is used in headers, internal links to other pages on this site, and in image “alt tags”. You might also notice that I use the keyword phrase sparingly, as I do not want to appear spammy; however, I do want to achieve a reasonable keyword density of around 1-2%.

Affordable SEO Company: Why Try To Rank For It?

affordable seo company


I am trying to rank for the term “affordable seo company” and want to see how quickly I can get to page 1 using the tools I have invested in. Hopefully, as a byproduct, I may rank for “seo company”, as it is subset of “affordable seo company”.

As you can see in my keyword report which, the term “affordable seo company” received 390 searches in May 2011, with 43,800 “in title” competitors. The more commercially viable term of “seo company” received 14,800 searches in May with a huge amount of “in title” competition at 803,000. I have not gone to the trouble of actually Googling these terms to analyze the top few competitors. My intuition tells me that competition will be stiff on the top 5 of “affordable seo company” and that “seo company” probably has 10-20 tough competitors at the top.

Affordable SEO Company On-Page Optimization Strategy

You will probably notice that I keep repeating the term “affordable SEO strategy” in this story. I am doing that because we SEO’ers believe Google prefers to see keyword density of 1-2%. (Anything more than that may look spammy). I use a program for WordPress called SEOPressor, which monitors all of my on-page optimization as I am writing. It’s a useful tool, well worth the $100 I spent on it.

In addition to keyword density, notice that “affordable SEO company” shows up in all 3 of the headers for this article. It is also the “alt tag” for the photo I pasted from Excel which has the statistics for “affordable SEO company” and “SEO company”. You can’t see the “alt tag”, but the robots crawling this page can. It’s how I get keyword credit for the photo, cos the bots can’t read a photo.

An ideal score with SEOPressor is 100%, which would mean that this page is fully search engine optimized for my main keyword – that’s right, you guessed it – “affordable SEO company.” Now, I’m at a score of 77.78% for my on-page for “affordable SEO company”. That’s a decent score and I expect it to increase when I get to around 800 words.

An Ethical and Affordable SEO Company

One of the main things that an Affordable SEO Company will do to get your website ranked for the right buyer keywords is to do article marketing. Article marketing is the process of writing stories using your keyword and linking it back to your website using anchor text.

Here’s a sample of an article excerpt with link in tact:

…today i found an affordable SEO company that helps websites get to the top. It places them in the mix using effective SEO strategy and with work gets them to #1…..

An article like this is effective, as it has the keyword anchor text pointing to our website. Article marketing happens to be one of the strategies I use in order to create mass quantities of backlinks pointing to your site. Articles are submitted to hundreds of different article directories which results in lots of links back to your site, once the article is approved and indexed in Google. This is a time consuming process to setup and get going, but is very effective at ranking sites.

A key component of the article marketing strategy used by an affordable SEO company is to produce various different versions of the same article. By writing different titles and substituting synonyms for words throughout the text, one article can be “spun” out to many, many different combinations. This is helpful because a lot of article directories approve articles based on whether or not they are unique. By making these changes within the article, the same content can be re-purposed, submitted, and approved by many more directories and blogs, yielding many more backlinks for your website.

Below is a sample of what “spintax” looks like. It helps me to produce more than 1 version of an article. Let’s use the excerpt from above:

…{today|yesterday|the other day|last Tuesday}I{found|discovered|noticed|observed|witnessed}an affordable SEO company {that helps|that encourages|who helps|that aides}….

You get the idea.

Article marketing is considered “white hat”, and I am currently using it in my strategy to get ranked for various keywords, such as “affordable SEO”. You might notice the two anchor text links above for “affordable SEO company” – this is what is called “internal linking”. I am using my keyword and linking it to other pages of my web site. This is another on-page SEO technique.

Now, here is the type of story I like to write to promote my keyword “affordable SEO company” and my website –

…Mike Munter SEO is an affordable SEO company that helps small businesses get ranked in Google for buyer keywords that will help increase traffic to business websites….

Final Words

In this blog post, I have shown you all of my on-page strategies for optimizing this page for “affordable SEO company”. A couple other things I have not mentioned yet that are important for your on-page optimization are:

1. Include your keyword phrase in the first sentence and the last sentence

2. Bold, underline, and/or italicize your keyword (SEOPressor does this for me automatically)

I hope you have found this post informative with your search engine optimization work. Please contact me with any questions. If you decide you want to hire an affordable SEO company to assist you, we are here to help!


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