3 Reasons Why To Start SEO Link Building Now!

My SEO mentor calls it “Paralysis By Analysis”.

Others call it “Fear of making the wrong choice”.

I just call it, “Let’s get going!”

Each of these phrases refers to the process of spending way too much time on keyword research.  You really can analyze keyword variations until you’re blue in the face.

My advice:  Do your research, use your intuition, and get to work building links!

Why To Start Building Links Now

3 Reasons Why To Get Started Now

1 – All links are good links.  Even if you discover later that you should have gone for the plural version of a keyword, as opposed to the singular version, it’s not like the singular version is going to hurt you.  For example, if you build links on “pizza shop Portland” and later see that “pizza shops Portland” actually gets more traffic, you can always adjust.  Don’t worry about being perfect.

2 – You learn as you go.  Remember that SEO is just the internet version of marketing.  It’s not a magic potion that works perfectly if you get it right and fails miserably if you get it wrong.  Some of the best clients I have understand this.

By getting started sooner, you learn what is working by looking at the data available in Google Analytics and also by what terms you are able to rank easily for and which ones seem like a lost cause.  Despite our best efforts to analyze the competition, we never know exactly how Google is going to treat our SEO efforts.

3 – Links get stronger over time.  I have no hard proof to back up this statement, other than my own intuition – and that of my fellow SEO pros.  To me, it only makes sense that websites get stronger over time and if you are placing links on sites that are getting stronger, your inbound links are going to get stronger, too.

Besides that, I’d rather have a link pointing at my site that’s 3 months old, rather than one that’s only 3 days old.  And I would definitely rather have a link pointing at my site that’s 3 years old, rather than 3 months old.  I like to think Google rewards us for going out and getting to work.

Ready To Start Building Links?

SEO is not rocket science, although it can be made to appear that way.  If you want to increase your rankings, you need to get links to your site.  Get started now, and in 3 months you will have a lot of actionable real data that will help you tweak your approach.  You’ll do much better in the long run acting on hard data then you will on theory.

Good luck and let me know if I can help you out with an affordable SEO solution to get your site ranked higher and bring your more qualified traffic.

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