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Now hiring part time internet researchers. This is a great opportunity to earn a few extra bucks per month.

All of the work is done on your schedule at your own pace.

This is part time and we offer the tasks above throughout the month. Completed internet research lists and quick tasks pay out within 1-3 days. The mobile searches payout at the end of the month.

Please join us by filling out the form! Learn more about each job below.

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Mobile Search Team


  • Must have cell phone (iPhone or Android)
  • Must download Free Excel App to your phone
  • Access to multiple wifi locations (these can be coffee shops, restaurants, etc, whenever you are out and about and can connect to wifi)
  • This work DOES NOT use your data, since you are connected to wifi
  • Detail-oriented
  • US resident
  • Valid Paypal account (this is how we pay you)


You will be sent a list of instructions with the phrases we want you to research from various Wifi locations. Using the free Excel app on your phone, you will complete the instructions. A SAMPLE of one instruction is below.


How To Do The Instructions – Step By Step

Instruction 1. Connect to Wifi and write the location in the Answer1 column

You will connect to the business’s wifi where you are and write the Wifi location into the Answer 1 column.

(Please note: The searches MUST be done outside of your home wifi).

In the example here, the worker was using Wifi at “FinoBistro-2.4” so this is what you put in the Answer 1 column as shown.



Instruction 2. Go to

Searches occur in,,,, and several other search engines.

Simply open the correct the search engine on your phone. (Note that since you are using Wifi, this search will NOT use your data).

Instruction 3. Search for Beyonce Knowles facebook

Type the search phrase into the search engine and perform the search.

Instruction 4. Click the search result you feel is most relevant

Click whatever search result you feel best matches the search you just performed. Please DO NOT CLICK an ad.

In our example, the worker clicked the link which loaded the Facebook page pictured.

Instruction 5. Click any other link from this website and copy that URL to Answer2 column

You can click ANY link you want from the web page you are on. It does not matter what you click – it could be a contact page, a blog post, another user on Facebook – just scroll around, find a link and tap it.

In this example, the worker scrolled down the Facebook page and clicked through to Beyonce’s website at (shown in image).

Then simply hold your finger down on the browser and COPY the URL. PASTE the URL in the answer 2 column as shown.

The instruction is completed and you can move to the next one. We ask that you do only 5-10 searches at any one Wifi location at one time.

Internet Research Lists From Home


  • Desktop PC with internet connection
  • Must have Microsoft Excel 2013 or later
  • Detail-oriented
  • US resident
  • Valid Paypal account (this is how we pay you)

Video Instructions

Click link and watch, so you can see what type of work you are doing:

Quick Tasks

Quick tasks come along now and then and include writing reviews, posting to a website, or other tasks. They are easy, only taking a few minutes at most and pay accordingly.

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