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How To Post A Review On Dealer Rater

IMPORTANT NOTE: I could not post a review using Google Chrome browser, the site would not let me fill in the star ratings and thus wouldn’t let me submit until I did. I had to switch over to Internet Explorer in order to successfully post.

Step #1

Create an account by hitting the Join link at the top of the site. You can’t write and submit a review unless you join.


Step #2

Verify your account with 1 click and you’ll get an immediate confirmation registration. Follow the link they provide to search for the dealer you by name you want to review.

Step #3

Once you find your dealer page, click “Write A Review.”

Step #4

Write your review by completely filling in all of the fields as shown below, including:

  • Overall rating
  • Title of review
  • Review (25 word minimum)
  • Reason for visit
  • Vehicle brand considered or purchased

I also recommend completing the optional ratings, too, if applicable. Check the box and hit SUBMIT!

Step #5

Your review should post immediately if you have followed all steps above!

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