Google Autocomplete Fix

If you have unwanted, negative suggestions and predictions appearing after your name or business in Google Autocomplete, I can help you. Call 503-890-6663 for a quote.

company name lawsuit in google autocomplete

There is no one in the country more knowledgeable than I am when it comes to fixing Google Autocomplete (also know as Google Suggest) problems.

We are the only firm in the United States who is using REAL PEOPLE to perform searches for you and that is the best way to fix Google Autocomplete and keep it fixed.

What Is Google Autocomplete?

Google Autocomplete is the suggestions we see when when Googling anything. It’s intended to help us find what we want faster by predicting what we’re searching for.

With each keystroke you make, you will see the predictions change based on Google’s Autocomplete Algorithm.

The predictions we see are based on published content on the web and search activity of users, as indicated from the screenshot from Google’s autocomplete support page below.

how google determines autocomplete

In my experience, search activity is the #1 factor in determining the suggestions we see.

Web content can make unwanted suggestions appear in autocomplete in the first place, but real searches will always trump content, as this is the greatest predictor to Google for what people want to see.

How We Fix Google Autocomplete

So, in order to get control of the suggestions we see after your company name or personal brand, you’ve got to have lots of organic, natural looking search activity from real people.

This is our advantage over all the other online reputation management firms. They are lazy and use computer robots to make searches (YPNs & IP switching software/bots) or crowd source sites to generate search activity.

The problem with these methods is they don’t work reliably. Check out my videos on each topic:

On my Change Google Autocomplete blog, I’ve got documented cases where you can see that:

We’ve also run recent tests on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and tried IPVanish IP switching software using real people – neither worked.

About Our Team Of Searchers

We have recruited hundreds of real people – stay at home Mom’s, college students, retirees to do searches for us. (They also help us write reviews).

All of these people are verified by us to be living in the United States. We confirm their IP address is from North America, to be sure.

How We Create Natural Looking Search Activity To Change Google Autocomplete

Searches that appear unnatural to Google’s algorithm, are ineffective in changing the suggestions and predictions we see.

If you want to see the predictions change, you’ve got to get searches that actually count.

That’s why we use real people.

Each month, we distribute a list of searches to each member of our team. They are given specific instructions like the example below

instruction for google autocomplete search

The members of our team receive these instructions in Excel, so as not to leave an internet footprint. (I explain what a footprint is starting at the 1:30 mark of this video.)

Leaving a footprint is a sure fire way to get searches not to count. That being said, I still see firms posting search jobs on Microworkers. It’s just ridiculous – it does not work.

Each list we send out is randomized, so no two individuals get the same terms in the same order. This too, would leave a trackable pattern the algorithm could detect.

Mobile Search Activity Using Wifi

In addition to getting searches performed from home, we also have a mobile team that uses Wifi to perform searches while they are out and about.

As you can imagine, this is a great way to get a lot of searches done from a lot of different locations.

A Google Autocomplete Test You Can Do Yourself

You can even test this yourself.

Pick a suggestion you want to appear after your name and Google it about 50 times, each from a different Wifi address. Wifi locations can be coffee shops, shopping, a neighbor’s house – anywhere where you can connect to Wifi. Each unique Wifi gives you a unique IP address and this variety of IP addresses is what makes it look like a lot of people are searching your name.

When you do the search, make sure you click on a random search result and interact with it. Click on different things to make it random – again, this randomness of click-through helps to make your searches look natural.

We tested this recently and saw the new suggestion appear within one month.

Why You Need To Take Control Of Google Suggestions

The big problem with negative suggestions in Google Autocomplete is they create a self-perpetuating cycle.

Consider this hypothetical case:

Someone Googles your business because they are trying to find your address. When they Google you, they see “lawsuit” or “complaints” as one of the suggestions.

Now, they click on the negative suggestion out of curiousity, even though that was not their original intention.

Now, not only do they find negative information about you online, but they also help inform the Google algorithm that the negative suggestion is popular.

All because they were just trying to find out where your business was located!

This is why it is so important to take a pro-active approach to Google Autocomplete.

Is Our Google Autocomplete Service Guaranteed?

No, we do not control the algorithm, so we cannot guarantee our service.

The algorithm that makes the predictions we see is contantly being updated by Google engineers to provide a better search experience. That’s why it is getting tougher and tougher to manipulate and that’s why we can’t guarantee a fix.

However, I feel we give you the best chance to push out unwanted suggestions because of our methodology – we are the only firm in the nation to use real people to do the searches.

What Happens After You Fix My Google Autocomplete Problem?

If and when we correct your problem, we usually recommend ongoing maintenance to help guard – but not guarantee – against the negative(s) returning.

Every case is different and certainly I don’t want you to spend money where you don’t have to, so we take a look at it together.

Usually, if we still see your negative suggestions queued, we recommend maintenance. Ideally, we’d like to see any unwanted suggestions to fall out of the queue entirely.

Sustained search activity by a diversity of IP addresses over a long period are your best long term strategy for keeping control over what people see when they Google you.

Each Autocomplete case is different and I’ll personally review yours and tell you what I think we should do.