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Get More Positive Facebook Reviews

Millions of consumers use Facebook reviews to decide whether or not they are going to buy from you.

If your rating is strong, you’re in good shape to generate lots of new customers.

But if you’re rating is poor (below 4.0), you risk losing business.

We help companies just like yours get more reviews on Facebook. To learn more, simply complete our online form.

Why Facebook Reviews Are Important

You may be like me, and prefer face-to-face interaction to social media, but the cold, hard truth is that pretty much everyone is on Facebook these days. Even my grandmother is. This ubiquity means that if your business isn’t fully leveraging Facebook as a way to connect with your clients and potential customers, then you’re leaving money on the table.

According to Facebook, in December 2017 the site had 1.4 billion daily active users on average, with 2.13 billion monthly active users. With so many eyeballs, there’s no better way to attract customers with minimal investment.

How To Get More Positive Facebook Reviews

There are a lot of ways you can encourage your customers to write reviews. Simple things like asking users to check in to your Facebook page can generate an automated request from Facebook asking them to write a review of your business.

But the basic premise is that the more people who write reviews, the more likely others will as well. So the question of how do you get those initial reviews is the most important one.

Facebook Review Direct Link For Customers

It’s possible to provide your customers with a direct link to write a review on your Facebook page. You could include this link in a thank you email or digital invoice. There’s no guarantee they’ll click on it, but by making it easy for them, it definitely increases the likelihood that a person who enjoyed your product or service will take the time to say something nice online.

To share the link, you just use the following URL:

Make sure to replace username with your actual username.

How to Add a Review Button on your Facebook Page

Another way to encourage reviews is to add a review button to your page. This process is a bit more involved:

  1. Go to <settings>
    Go to <edit page>
    3. Go to <add a tab> at the bottom of <edit page>
    4. You will see tab <review> and click <add tab>
    5. Then <review> tab will appear in the edit page
    6. To arrange the button to appear at the top of the page, just click and drag the <review> tab to the top of the list
    7. Go back to your page and check it out.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of other advice on how to increase the number of positive reviews, and I’m sure most of it will work, eventually. But the truth is that these methods take time. That’s why by working with us, you can speed up the process immensely and get positive reviews flooding in. The best part is all of them will be four or five stars (we guarantee it).

So let’s get started. Fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP with a free quote. Don’t wait to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to boost your Facebook reviews and attract more customers.

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