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SiteJabber Reviews For Online Reputation Management

Many businesses with poor reviews on SiteJabber are seeing that the reviews have been put there by irritated ex-employees or – in some cases – a single unhappy customer with a bone to pick.

With so little filtering on review sites like SiteJabber, Facebook, and Google, nearly anyone can voice their opinion about your company and say whatever they want.

We give you the power to fight back, by helping you get quality 5-star reviews to keep the dramatic rants of a single unhappy customer out of sight.

Brand management is important for both individuals and businesses. While the internet is a great tool to promote your brand it comes with some drawbacks. It is easy to have your reputation tarnished and harmed online. It has become such a problem that online reputation management is a real concern.

If you have negative comments and reviews, on about your online business, contact us. We can help you either remove, or suppress, negative comments and reviews. All you need to do is fill out the form for a quick, free quote to get started.

What is Sitejabber?

This site was started in 2008 by three people, Rodney Gin, Jeremy Gin, and Michael Lai. It was created as a way to combat online fraud and provide more information about online businesses. People are able to create accounts to leave comments, information, and ratings about online businesses. People can rate on things such as policies and procedures, quality, customer service, and shipping times. It also sought to be a watchdog site exposing online scams.

Unfortunately, thanks to its lax admission policies, unfounded comments can easily be submitted by account holders that might not have even be patrons of the online business. The accounts on the site are free for consumers. Anyone can write a review about any online business, regardless if they have conducted business together. The results of this forum are slanderous comments that often have no basis and are more rants than constructive comments.

In order for a business to respond to a review or comment, that business must pay for an account allowing them to respond. The need to pay to respond makes a business owner wonder if that is the true objective, rather than genuine criticism. Without paying to respond, a business owner risks the review effecting future business. It is impossible to know what portion of your clients read such reviews before doing business online. Knowing the real cost of these damning reviews is nearly impossible.

Remove Sitejabber Comments

In some limited cases, we may recommend a negative comment be removed from SiteJabber. This is not the norm, as the process is long, tedious, and expensive. We usually recommend getting to work quickly, by purchasing a set number of reviews from us each month.

In a case where we do pursue removal, we go through all of the comments and reviews to find negative feedback. We will work to remove these comments that are false or defamatory. While one can only hope that consumers will recognize a rant from a true rating, you cannot afford to take that risk.

We handle your account one on one. We will customize a strategy suited to your business, reputation and budget. You can pick up the phone and speak with me to make sure you understand the strategy we have built just for you. Let us help you with growing your brand and not just managing all of your online damage control.

Suppression of Sitejabber in Google

Negative articles and content can have equally adverse effects as reviews. With our custom tactics, we can push all negative online comment off of google searches. Any comments that might remain will be far from the first pages of Google search results. Negative reviews will no longer dominate your online reputation.

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