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Doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers are extremely easy targets for negative, defamatory online reviews because they see so many patients.

Based on sheer numbers alone, not every patient is going to be happy one and many are relentless about where and how often they post their negativity about you or your office.

Doctor review websites like RateMds purport to be a valued online resource for helping you find a physician in your area.

But the truth is many of these healthcare related  sites have little or no filter, which means anyone can post something false about you.

This is where we can help.

We have hundreds of review writers all over the United States who will take a look at your practice and write you a bonafide 5-star review.

Collecting several 5-star reviews each month on your RateMDs profile page can quickly help your online reputation and make you shine once again.

View our complete online review price guide and take back your internet reputation today.

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How To Post A RateMDs Review

The first thing you will want to do is search for the Dr. you want to review. Once you have found him/her, scroll down to give your rating and leave your review.

*Please note your review must be over 50 characters.

Once you click “Rate This Doctor” you are done.

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